Time For Books 2016 Review Team Signups

It's time! Because of popular demand, I give you the 2016 Time for Books Review Signups!

Hi everyone! I'm guessing you're here because you want to rock some reviews in 2016, right? Well, here are the instructions to join the party:

  1. Choose your level of commitment.
  2. Grab the image below.
  3. Create a post on your blog about joining and why you did it.
  4. Add your name and the link to your post (not the main URL of your blog) to the linky thing below.
  5. Get to reading!
  6. Write your reviews.
  7. Link up your reviews here.

Commitment Levels:
SNOOZER - 1-10 books
DAYDREAMER - 11-20 books
EARLY BIRD - 21-40 books
NIGHT OWL - 41-60 books
INSOMNIAC - 60 or more books


Play nice and have fun. If you're a jerk, I won't publish your comment. My blog. My rules. Thanks for taking the time to chat at me!