Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Some days, it is just difficult to find the words. Once in a while, the words must be extracted like old teeth. Other days, they flow like a gentle brook over smooth stones. Occasionally, they spew out with the force of a volcanic eruption. This week, they have alternated between the first two.

I am hoping that today is a volcanic day.

Time change has screwed with my head...

I have decided that, in order to write, one must be able to shut everything but the story down. I find a problem in needing my emotions in order to write because, when I am feeling this way or that way, it tends to directly impact my ability to put one word with another but I need to feel in order to write. It is quite a conundrum and has left me puzzled as to how to accomplish a daily goal when yesterday is very different from today.


Time to look Temujin (now Genghis) in the eye and tell him to straighten the hell up or get the hell out of my book, methinks. But how to do that when he is the protagonist? Ah, such is life. Borte is speaking to me today and she sounds very wan. Jamuka is scared because he knows it won't be long before Genghis gets his hands on him. Time to even the odds a bit where those two are concerned...

I hope everyone has a HAPPY HUMP DAY!! We are headed toward the weekend!! YAY!! Time to get down to business and put my characters back in their places.

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday!!! 6,000!

Yes, you read that right. It's Monday! UGH to daylight savings time - it has me alllll screwed up.

Time for a short story!

As I stand, alone, in the darkness, letting my eyes try to adjust, I begin to panic. I can feel my palms sweating and my heart racing in my chest; it's loud in the silence of the night. My legs begin to shake and I am fighting back both the urge to scream and the urge to run. I know that I can't give away my location but can't remember why or how I had gotten here. All I remember is falling asleep in my bed and waking up to this pitch blackness and the smell of trees, leaves, and grass. I am barefoot, dressed only in my nightgown, and I can feel a slight dampness in the ground beneath my feet. My hearing and smell are heightened to a state I have never experienced before. I am blind.

Suddenly, the thin waning crescent of the moon appears and my eyes are able to pick up a hint of light. What I see makes my blood run cold. I am standing in a small clearing in a forest and there are two very large, very red eyes looking at me from the brush on the other side. There is no body to go with those eyes yet but the sight of them makes my stomach tie into knots and every muscle in my body tense with fear.

It slowly takes a step out and I have to will my feet not to move and clench my jaw shut to avoid screaming. I know that if I scream, it will be on me in a second. Where that knowledge comes from, I can't remember. I lick my dry lips with my dry tongue as the animal emerges and my eyes widen in fear when the full form of the dog finally emerges. It is the biggest canine I have ever seen and I want to cry but find I am afraid to blur my vision with my tears and lose sight of my stalker.

His lips curl back in a snarl and I get the scent of blood in my nose. I can see the stains on its muzzle now and, as it moves closer, I am struck with the certainty that it is here to kill me. When it gets within mere feet of my position, my will breaks and I turn and run; crashing through the trees and bushes and cutting my skin deeply. I feel the sticks penetrating the soft bottom of my feet but I cannot take the time to care. I run like I have never run before in my life. I can hear the dog's feet as they pound the Earth behind me and I can  imagine its breath on the back of my neck.

I want to stop and throw up. My stomach feels like it is going to explode and my legs feel numb and detached from my body. I am breathing hard and fast from my panic and know that I will pass out soon if I am not careful; but I can't stop. I must keep running until the animal gives up. I know this as surely as I know my name is Bonnie; but I can't remember anything else.

I look back for a moment to see where my pursuer is and realize my mistake too late. In the dark, I don't see the end of the ground until I'm falling. I feel my hair whipping up and around my face for a moment and I think, "This is how I am going to die." but I slam into the ground a moment later and the sound of my bones snapping throughout my body sounds alien. I am lying on my back and cannot move but can see the place where I began my decent. As I stare, the dog leaps off the edge with no fear and lands, snarling, a few feet from me.

As he turns and looks at me, I allow my tears to flow at last. When he finally lunges for my throat, I feel a fear that I have never felt before...

The fear of death.

THE END - Literally!

I plan to crack out three chapters this week, my daily goal is 6,000 words. I need to finish by the end of March to hit my no-later-than-June release date.

Temujin, Jamuka, and Borte are about to have some tension and this is about to get real. I hope you all enjoyed my lil story above and that it made you cringe for a moment in this early morning light.

Now that I am all warmed up, time to write some book!!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Relationships are Difficult

Not only in life, but also in fiction. Writing about Borte and Temujin has made me stop and analyze real relationships. I analyze my parents, my siblings, and myself. I find that they are all with their caveats and sacrifices but the good ones have one thing in common: They want to be together.

Temujin and Borte follow this rule and, despite everything that has been thrown in their path, they continue to desire one another and want the love they have together so badly, that they are willing to continue to press forward and not give up.

Temujin has his moments where he is angry with Borte, but he loves her very deeply and she shares that feeling. When he is away, she misses him and he misses her. When he is angry with her, she hurts just like he does. It is their shared love that makes them last. If he loved her more than she loved him, or if she loved him more than he loves her, I just don't think the relationship would have survived like it did - in real life.

As I write more about these two and put history in its place, I realize what they endured to be together and it makes me understand better the meaning of promising yourself to someone. When you make that promise, you are saying that no matter what, you will love and care for that person; but it is a two-way street. No one likes to be the only one that cares. Temujin cares about and loves Borte no matter what. If you want to learn about everything they have endured and survived thus far, you will have to read the book! Ha!

Off to put the finishing touches on some chapters!!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chapter 20 Excerpt

Here is a little snatch from the almost completed chapter 20 - Rivalry

    I relieved Graêl of his burden and rubbed him down with a piece of cloth dipped in the water trough nearby; he nuzzled my hand in thanks.

    I said, “At least someone around here likes me.” and stroked his neck.

    When I was done and Graêl was comfortable, I headed back to speak with my wife again. I knew she was angry with me and I was lost as to how to fix it or make it just a little better. I entered a very silent house and wondered where all the children were. Just as I was about to bellow that I had arrived, my mother ambled out of her room. When I saw her, bent with age and with a full head of gray hair, my heart stung and I hurried over to help her to her yak fur.

    “Most honorable mother, what happened? Why are you bent over like this?”

    She smiled at me and said, “I am simply growing old. I have raised many sons and a daughter. You did not think I would be young and spry forever, did you?”

    I smiled back and said, “No. But I didn’t think age would take you so quickly. I have only been gone…” I began to count in my head.

    She interrupted and said, “Almost two years, my son.”

    Two years! How could that be? I was just home a few months prior! I tried to give voice to my thoughts but she cut me off again.

    “Twenty months you have been gone. Tolui is almost two years of age. He has never even seen you. Börte grows more withdrawn and sad every day. I am hoping your return will bring her life back. I believe she thought you abandoned her forever.”

    My heart hurt in that moment. Pain that began in my chest poured through my body and spiraled outward from that central point; I began to shake. What pain I had caused my wife! Where did my twenty months go? I choked back my tears and looked at my mother with remorse in my eyes.

    She touched my face and said, “Many men make mistakes. I knew when you left that you would be gone from us for a long time; Börte refused to believe me and held on to her thought that you would return within a few days. When a few days turned into a few weeks, and a few weeks turned into a few months, she began to wilt like a flower. I fear that if you had stayed gone much longer, she would have died of a broken heart.”

Temujin may redeem himself but you will have to read the book to find out how. Ha!

I hope you are all enjoying the excerpts and snatches thus far.

Until next time, WRITE ON!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chapter 20 on the Agenda!

Today it is time for chapter 20 - Rivalry!!

Now, what do you think this chapter is all about? If you said the direct conflict between Jamuka and Temujin, you are right. However, I think little Ms. Borte is about to find herself deeply submerged in the brown stuff. Her hubby only sees one side of the conversation she has with a certain someone and blows his top. Conversation with whom, you may ask? Well, you'll have to read the book to find that out.What fun would the story be if I gave away all of the details? Ha!

Temujin is going to be named Khan and finally change his name to GENGHIS. Throughout the story, you will witness a kind of coming-of-age for the boy and in the next few chapters, you may grow to not like him very much. Everyone says power goes to your head and I think this is particularly true with mighty men in leadership positions who are not allowed to care because it would make them bananas. We have already seen Temujin's ruthless side, loving side, and self-depreciating side; what matters is which one he embraces as he gains control. Perhaps we will have God guide him a bit... I truly do not know what will happen but I am watching him morph into someone else in front of my eyes through his story and it's a bit scary. I just hope I can pull him back before he does something he will regret...

Who knows? Not me. Anyway, tomorrow I will give you an excerpt so come on back for that!!

I hope you are all having a great week - it's almost Wednesday!!

It is 9am and time to get going.

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter 19 is Almost Done!

Ahh, chapter 19! What a ride it has been!

Temujin stepped in the brown stuff big time. If he was making you angry before now, he is really going to piss you off in this chapter. He does some things that could only be justified by a madman, yet he justifies them in his head. I wanted to slap him myself.

Sometimes, Temujin just gets headstrong, won't listen to a word I say, and runs away with his emotions. He does stupid crap that puts him in precarious situations and even puts his men in danger. He is leading the story though, not me. I have to listen to him. When he wants to do something harebrained, I have to let him; to fight him would be stupid and would likely ruin the story.

Wang Khan has made an ass out of himself as well due to his son and his grand-daughter. I stick pretty close to the historical telling of events and people so if you want to know a bit about how the story progresses, here is an excellent article: Wikipedia - Genghis Khan on his life and love. I have used that and many other resources that I had access to via my college to kind of build a basic accounting from which to spin my tale. A lot of what you will read in my book is true but most of it is pure fiction - or has not been told - and just the characters are named after their historical counterparts.

Remember, I have to pretend to know these people in order to write about them and they become as real as flesh-and-blood folk for a little while.

I hope you are all enjoying this blog and the creative process being brought to life. A writer's mind is rarely quiet and I am always coming up with ideas for new books and jotting them down. Most will likely never see the light of day but keeping a record of my ideas just feels right.

A book I will suggest for anyone wanting a pull of the heartstrings:

Bill Wallace - A Dog Called Kitty

Bill is such a good writer that you simply fall in love with the little dog through both his antics, patience, and love of his boy, Ricky.

It is almost 9am. Time to get busy!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chapter 17 Excerpt!

Here is a short excerpt from Chapter 17. Temujin is dreaming about his future and speaking with God:

    I laughed and agreed. I could still hear Bo’orchu guffawing when I slipped into my dreams.
    I was standing on a high dais and there were people as far as I could see. They were chanting a name that I could not understand. I felt movement to my left and when I glanced over, I recognized the face of God.
    He spoke, “Temujin, this is what you will control when you are done. Look well, my son, and see how powerful you are.”
    I peered out over the crowds of my people and saw that they went for many kilometers in every direction.
    I asked, “All of this is mine to rule?”
    “Yes. You will be the mightiest Khan to ever rule in Mongolia. You will even overthrow China. All of these people will look to you for guidance and care. It is a great responsibility but I believe you can do it without a second thought.”
    I was awestruck by the enormity of the task and felt the weight of my nation on my shoulders. I asked, “What if I fail?”
    He chuckled and answered, “You will not fail. I chose you because you are the only one who can succeed. Beware of Jamuka; his heart has been injured by your actions and he will try to kill you, believing that you are out to kill him. Show kindness and compassion for those that are misunderstood or weaker than you and always remember that I will guide your hand.”
    “I understand. I have much to accomplish. May I ask you a question?”
    “You just did.”
    “Yes, sir, I did. I am sorry. I will just ask the one I want the answer to. What name are they chanting below?”
    “Genghis. You will be Genghis Khan. It means supreme conqueror.”
    “Ah. Thank you.”
    “You are welcome. Remember what I said and you will prosper.”

    I woke with a smile on my face and thoughts of Jamuka in my head. It hurt that my anda was trying to kill me but I understood his motivations. My Börte was not a prize to be won but I supposed he would just try to kill me so he could take her for his own. He would be surprised when she did not want him.

And, a surprise excerpt from Chapter 18, which was completed yesterday:

    I was sleeping in my tent one night when a great commotion arose not far away. I stood up so quickly, I managed to tangle myself up in the fabric and ropes and fell with a mighty crash to the ground. I cursed, slowly extracted myself from the mess, and hurried over to see what the noise was about.
    I found Temuge locked in a struggle with another man that I did not recognize and hurried over to help restrain him. After we had him tied, Temuge began to ask him questions about who he was and what he was doing sneaking around the camp at night, peeking in tents.
    I took a seat nearby and listened and watched; noticing that the man never took his eyes off of me and never said a word.
    Finally, when Temuge was tired of talking and getting no responses, he flung himself to the ground near me and heaved a great sigh.
    “He won’t talk, brother. What do I do now?”
    I smiled at him and patted him on the shoulder before rising and stepping over to the man and leaning down close to his ear.
    I said, “Are you working for Senggum?”
    I heard a sharp intake of breath and I smiled.
    “Yes, you are. I am going to ask you one time what his plot is. If you do not tell me, I will cut off your toes one-by-one until you can no longer stand.”
    Again, I heard the sharp intake of breath.
    “You know I will make good on my promise, don’t you? I am going to remove the rope from your mouth now and you are going to talk. Do you understand?”
    He nodded.
    I removed the rope and the man poured forth with a story that made my anger boil like a river of fire. He told me Senggum never intended to allow Wang Khan to make me a promise of marriage to my bastard son, that since our counsel six days prior, he had been poisoning the Khan’s mind to me, that he was sent out just after we left, by Senggum himself, to orchestrate my capture so that I may be ‘dealt with’ in whatever manner Senggum decided to deal with me, and that Jamuka had recently been to visit the Khan but was turned away and took counsel with Senggum instead.
    I thanked the man, put the rope back in his mouth, gave orders for Temuge to watch the new prisoner, and took a walk to ponder the information given to me.

This is all for today. I hope you enjoy it!! 9am, off to write!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!