Thursday, November 30, 2017

How to be a TOTAL LOSER and feel better than you ever have. Coming SOON! See the Cover. Read the Blurb.

Happy stinkin' Thursday, everyone! OMG it's the last day of November already! :O Who else is freaking out a little over the fact that CHRISTMAS is just 25 days away? Just me? Haha. So, today's post is to introduce you to my new book. Grab coffee or tea, and let's get going!

Many of you that follow me on Facebook know I've been on a crazy journey since about April of last year. Battling Multiple Sclerosis on my side and Testicular Cancer on my husband's. It's been a lonnnnng 20 months.

Well, back at the end of June, when my husband was declared cancer-free, I decided to make a ton of changes in our lives for the health and betterment of us both. I took a nutrition course so I wouldn't mess anything up as we went along. I wanted us to be the best versions of ourselves.

When I began this new journey, I was taking nausea meds, medication for dizziness, and medication for acne as well as weighing in at a solid 184lbs. My husband was on pain medication for his surgery aftermath and was clocking the scale at 240lbs.

As of today, we're both off all those medications and have whittled our bodies down significantly. I'm at 148, and he's at 192. Yes, it took time, but we're both feeling like a million bucks now. We have more energy, all our symptoms are gone (yeah, my face even cleared up on its own), and we look amazing.

Because I see so many people struggling with the same things, and because I'm a writer, I wrote a book with detailed information about exactly what we did and how we did it. Also, because I'm me, there's little to no filler in the book. It's straightforward information.

Best thing of all, it's not a fad diet or something we needed to disclose to our doctors (who are amazed, by the way), and we didn't give up all the things we love (except fast food - ha!). We've learned to change our lifestyle.

I ordered the proof of the book today, and I'm hoping to release it within the next couple of weeks. Because of the way I laid it out, and the purpose of the book (it's meant to be written in), it will only be available in print.

Ready for the information and a peek at the cover?

Title: How to be a TOTAL LOSER and feel better than you ever have.
Author: Jo Michaels
Genre: Health & Fitness
Length: 112 pages
Price: $14.99

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Want to learn how to eat better and maybe lose a little weight along the way?
Need a realistic plan you’ll be able to stick to for the long haul?
Then this is the book for you.
There are no fad diets on the pages of this book, and no magic secret formula that’ll make you half the woman/man you are. What’s in here is real, sensible advice, and a ton of tips and tricks to help you ease into a newer, healthier you.
You’ll be a total loser. You’ll lose the fatigue, that general blah feeling, and maybe even a few pounds (or several), but you’ll start feeling better than you thought was possible in a very short amount of time.
Best of all? It’s not a plan that strips you of the things you love most. It only teaches you how to alter those things slightly, or look for better alternatives, so you can improve your overall health.
So, dive in, and become a total loser that wins in every way.


I'm more excited about this than I can say. Why? Because I think it's a book everyone needs to read, even if they're not looking to lose weight. It has a ton of useful information in it.

If it helps just ONE person feel better, I've had success with it.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



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