Advice on Everything

Welcome to my page full of advice. You'll find a bunch of my inner-ramblings, some nifty tid-bits, and stuff about ethics and such. Enjoy perusing the archives!

Writers that Cannot Feel, Cannot Write - What to think about when you read
Night Writer - Why we function better when the lights go out
Life is a Road - What we face and how to move forward
Pissed off Authors - Why a 1star review might be your friend
Empathy in Spades - Why writers are such feeling creatures
I'm Gonna Fire You Up - Write something meaningful for you
Tough Scenes and Emotional Therapy - About the lingering effects of writing
Passions - A post about what gets you going
Fact or Crap? - All about what might be real
Ain't no Slang 'Round Here - A fun post about author slang
FTC Guide to Endorsements - A "did you know" post about reviews
Ethics Part One - Ethics in writing - how far is too far?
Ethics Part Two - Where your inspiration comes from and why it matters
Ode to Jammies - A fun post about pajamas with feet
Amazon Tags. Farewell? - A post about Amazon and their changes; namely, removal of tags
Things I've Unintentionally Learned from Books - Stuff I picked up along the way by accident. Great for thwarting the naysayers
Nom De Plumes - What's in a pen name?
On Book Banning and Failed Opportunities - Holy crap the stuff I come out with!
Blogger Interaction - Why it matters if you engage your blog audience
Book Reviews and Paying it Forward - How you can help fellow Indies
Why a Free Promotion - How offering your book free can help sales
Creating Supplemental Book Swag - Places you can go to get bookmarks and such
Holiday Weekend and Tribber - A questionable application for bloggers
Mental Health Days - Why you need a break now and then
Blank Canvas and Page Woes - Inner thoughts about planning vs pantsing and how I use different parts of my brain for different things
Past, Present, and Future - Yours shapes you as a writer. What kind are you?
Writing Caves or Coffee Shops - Writer Groove - How you can create the perfect environment to write in
Actions and Reactions - How you act and what it says about your brand
Authors Reviewing Authors - Opinion Piece - Because I felt it needed to be said
The Term "Housewife" and What We Need to Add - I rant sometimes
Worth by Numbers and Stars - Why you should feel great about everything you've done
Writing, Thinking About Writing, and Why Both Matter - A NaNo PSA - Because it matters
Reaching Out - Why Author Buds Matter - The reasons you need to get OUT of your cave