Thursday, May 10, 2012

Night Writer

How many of you write into the wee hours of the morning? Why do you think you do that?

Is it the lack of distractions, the perfect alignment of all that day's events, or is it something else?

I have a theory!! Hear me out!

I think that people who are nocturnal have a different brain function from those who aren't. We think, feel, and see things in a different way. Besides being a little crazy because we are creatives, most of us are "normal" people.

Hey, if we're all crazy, at least we're together in that, too, right?

Your brain goes into maximum overdrive at night because you have been awake and alert all day. You have felt, experienced, and talked with people. You have quiet where you can think. Other people in the World are sound asleep and your phone isn't ringing with texts, e-mails, or calls.

It's that perfect moment of clarity that comes with darkness that we all crave.

I know writers that get up at 4am because their brain has had a chance to process the day before and their ideas flow from their dreams. I don't know many that can force it at a certain time of day though.

When the idea hits you, it feels like your brain will explode into a million pieces if you don't get the words out and it's SO difficult to just stop and say, "Okay, that's enough for today. I have other stuff to do."

It sometimes hits our relationships hard. Especially if that person is not a creative or if you have kids that get up at 7am to catch a bus.

When the muse is upon us, we MUST write. Most people get that visit at night (unfortunately). For you lucky folks who can write anytime, I envy you. Mine is a process. I must FEEL in order to write. This blog usually helps because it makes my brain begin to THINK about writing.

Now you know why I broach the topics I do. Welcome to my brain - watch out, it's a mess in here!!

What time do YOU write? Why?

Time to get moving. Coffee is calling my name. :)

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Heads up: I will be doing an interview with the lovely Crystal Lee next month! We will be discussing her new series, Canopy. It's one killer set of stories!!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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