Book Formatting

This one's all about formatting that novel! Here, you'll find tips, tricks, and resources to help you get there.

Restricted Fonts - How to identify fonts that won't embed
Notes on Interior Book Design - Self explanatory. All indies who do their own need to read it!
Static vs Dynamic - Things that change and things that don't (about design)
Your Cover Speaks Volumes - What your book cover is saying (and what's it's not)
Formatting Your Manuscript for Print - A few things to consider when formatting
Hiring a Book or Cover Designer - Questions every designer should be able to answer and tips on writing a creative brief
MS Word vs Adobe InDesign - Pros and cons of each
Inches, Picas, and Points - What does it all mean? Why should you care?
Notes on CreateSpace File Prep - What you're not allowed to do!
Templates for Using MS Word for Print - Something new and different for Indie authors
Setting Up a File for Your Book Cover Design - Just what it says
Book Formatting Made Easy - Talking about book templates for MS Word
Word Processors for Writers - MS Word vs Scrivener - A comparison post
Scrivener Output to ePub and .Mobi - A video link
CreateSpace - Head to Desk - My personal frustrations with the service and what to watch out for
Meta-data for Your Books - What is meta-data and how do you use it?
Office 365 - Good, Bad, and Awesome - My review of the software
Book Backmatter - What should be in the back of your book