Thursday, November 1, 2012

Static vs Dynamic

Happy day, good people of the blogosphere! Today I'd like to talk with you all about phenomenons called static elements and dynamic elements. Remember last week on lOOk at YoUr xXx when I talked about websites? This is the answer I promised you. Grab that pen and notebook you keep handy when you visit 'round here and let's get going, shall we?

Static elements are elements that don't change on your blog or website no matter what page you're on. Elements like navigation bars, background images, or indicator icons.

Why don't those elements change? Because if your navigation links jump all over the screen, it'll cause your reader a headache trying to keep up with where they are on your site and how they should return to the page they were on five clicks ago. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) your visitor every time. You have less than ten seconds to hook the average web surfer, make the most of it. Don't lose them after you catch their attention.

You want them to stay and browse around a bit, right?

Dynamic elements are those that do change page to page. These elements would be things like images, text, information, or navigation relevant to the topic.

Why do these elements change? Because each page of your website should desire to impart different information to your visitor.

For example:
I click on your button about your upcoming releases from your home page. The home page button, new release button, contact me button, buy my books button, and/or bio button don't move so I can visit a new page without back-browsing or hunting down the menu because it jumped to the bottom of the screen from the top. These are static elements.

On the bottom of your upcoming releases page, you may have a menu that appears for just that set of information. Book A, Book B, Book C, etc... These are dynamic elements. They won't appear on any other page but the ones nested under upcoming releases. They should, however, appear at the bottom of every page that talks about an upcoming release.

Each page within upcoming releases will have content. Either a blurb about the book, a release date, or a cover image. Dynamic elements.

Your background should be a static element. Don't have me looking at bunnies on the homepage and an axe murderer on the upcoming releases page. I'll probably leave thinking you're a schitzo and not buy your book.

Last, but not least, have a theme. If you write romance novels, your website should reflect that. I should get a sense of romance when I visit. If you write horror, be scary. If you write children's books, be fun and whimsical. You see my theme, it's just a balance of colors that don't instill fear. I write fiction: Historical, fantasy, paranormal, middle grade. If you visit my website, it looks like my blog. You know you've found the Write Jo Michaels.

Look here for theme examples: THEME EXAMPLES

I hope this helps some. Question of the day: Have you ever designed a website or blog? Have you found these elements giving you a headache?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Great tips, Jo!

    On my multi-authored blog ( we have a simple color scheme and design. The four of us each write different genres, so the top of the blog is decorated with static, posterized representations of each of us that 'show' our unique genres. (Southern fiction, YA, ER, and Paranormal) We also insert our 'photo representations in our individual posts. :)

    Your schitzo comment gave me a giggle. :)

    1. I'm going to check that blog out right meow. Thanks for the blog luv, C.E!

  2. You fooled me here, I thought (why, really?) this post would be something about writing -- neverhteless, it's a good idea, keeping in mind this distinction when designing a website or blog.

    1. LOL! I was explaining something I wrote about on my lOOk at YoUr xXx on websites. It's an important piece of information :) Thanks for stopping by Helene!!


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