Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blabbering Betties

And on to yet another post for the 28 day Author Blog Challenge...

Who did/could you ask to write a blurb for your book? Why that person/people? How did/will you go about reaching them?

I asked the best boyfriend in the world's twenty-one-year-old daughter to write a blurb for my book. She read it and wrote me some lovely ad copy. Without further ado:

"In this riveting portrayal of the emperor of the Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan, Yassa depicts the untold story of the undying love between Genghis and his wife, Borte. The novel creates speculation that who Genghis Khan had become is a result of the turmoil amongst his wife, family, and brotherhood, and the betrayal of the ones he remained devoted to until the end. The author Jo Michaels demonstrates her curiosity of the history behind Genghis Khan in this brave replica of the leader of the largest contiguous empire in history. You will find yourself laughing, crying, smiling, and sympathizing with the characters throughout the entire book. Yassa is a must read that will keep you wanting more of the bygone times that have never before been depicted like this."
  ~ Katlynn G

I asked her because she's a reader. She consumes around two books a week. If she liked it, I figured the general public would, too.

I found her via my association with her father. Her personal feelings were not put on display but she told me that when she got to the last page, she cried. SCORE! Tears mean my characters resonated with her.

When I write, resonance is my goal. I want people to take a little piece of my novel and store it in their heart forever. When you read Yassa, you'll have a perfect understanding of how I feel about my boyfriend. He's my once in a lifetime.

News: The Abigale Chronicles - Book Two is ready for release on  July 3, 2012. If you haven't read Book One yet, now's the time. Follow one of the links at the top of my blog to get yours! I'll be doing a cover reveal sometime this week. If I told you when, that wouldn't be fun! So getcher butts back here for that!

Even more news: Yassa received another FOUR STAR review yesterday! See the writeup here.

That's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. I don't have a problem writing ad copy but I'm far too shy about soliciting blurbs from other authors. Working up a list and trying to find my spine.

    1. Oh yes, get out there and ask. We love to write :) Thanks for the comment!!

  2. I LOVE that you are encouraging your readers to come back often and regularly to see when you will reveal the cover to Abigale.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I didn't post it up today, either. Maybe tomorrow :) I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your thoughts! :)

  3. You know you hit big when your honey's daughter writes so beautifully about your work! Only 3 days till payday and I can place that order..... I can't wait!

    1. Yes. She was an amazing blurb writer. Thanks for the comment, Sandi! And thanks for becoming a fan :)


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