Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My NaNoWriMo Suvival Kit

 It's that time of year again. NaNoWriMo is about to go into full swing. I'm girding myself and preparing like a person ready to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Why would I participate in something like this? I average 3k words a day, 5 days a week, anyway (I never write on the weekends). Why not? By my reckoning, I should have 66k words by the end of November just by doing what I do.

But demanding 3k words and flowing 3k words are two very different things. Goodbye blog post comments and Facebook updates for the month. Toodles to Tweeps! I'm going to be a very busy lady! All you'll get are my buffered posts.

I am pre-writing my blog posts for the month so I can have that time to write. Good stuff coming at you either way! And when I'm done for the day, perhaps you'll see me poke in here or there.

On to my survival kit! If you're doing NaNo, you should consider a survival kit. Mine includes:

Coffee (lots of coffee).
Pre-made dinners that I can throw into the oven out of the freezer (my kids will get sick of roast, I'm sure).
Sugar (to sweeten the coffee, duh!).
My Laptop.
My iPad with Evernote installed (in case I have to go somewhere).
A pen and notepad (for fact check notes).
MS Word and all the goodies I've prepared open and on the screen.
Pre-written blog posts for the month.
A strict schedule by which I will stick.
An out of town response on my e-mail (KIDDING).
Quick stuff to eat for lunch like sandwiches.
Nail clippers and a nail file nearby (ever try to type with long nails or a burr?).
Glasses (because I'm getting old).
Dance Central (for those moments when I don't know what else to do/write).

Hmmmmm... Have I forgotten anything? I don't think so... I'm sure I'll figure it out quickly if I did.

If you're a NaNo participant, add me as a writing buddy! Let's kick this thing's booty!!

Don't forget, go get your copy of the first book in the Mystic series FREE today. It's the LAST DAY!

The Amazon linky.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Great advice! I'm doing some pre-written blog posts too and hoping to stick to a schedule. Good luck!

    1. Good luck to you, too, Heather!! Thanks for the blog luv!!


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