Friday, November 2, 2012

Ain't no Slang 'Round Here!

Hello, lovely people of the blogosphere!! Today I'm doing a fun post that gives definitions for common slang terms used by writers. I hope you enjoy it!

Pantser - To fly by the seat of one's pants when writing; not using an outline.
NaNoWriMo - A month of insanity where writers try to write as many words as possible; a novel in a month (the ultimate goal is 50k).
WIP - An acronym representing a writer's Work in Progress; a book that's in the process of being written.
FB - An acronym meaning Facebook; where writers spend too much time socializing and not enough time working on their WIP.
Concrit - When one reads a work and gives feedback; constructive criticism.
Flame - A bad review.
IC - Acronym for a writer who is In Character; frequently used for those who step into their character's shoes while writing in order to gain a better understanding.
OC - An acronym for the words Original Character; the original protagonist in a novel.
Pairing - Romantically connecting two characters; a love affair.
Sp? - Spelling assistance needed.
Toolbox - A list of things a writer needs to make it through a writing day, block, or launch.
SM - An acronym for Social Media.
TBR - Can be used for To Be Released or To Be Read; concerning books.
TBD - An acronym meaning To Be Determined; generally concerning release dates.
R&R - Read and Review.
Beta-reader - A person who tears a writer's plot apart, looking for holes; sometimes responsible for Flame.
Fanfic - Fiction based off a popular novel, generally not released as a book but posted in forums for fans.
Fluff - Filler often placed to up word count; commonly descriptions of worlds, clothing, or appearance.
Motor Oil - Coffee or other preferred drink to keep a writer awake and writing.

I hope you all got a kick out of this post.

Question of the day: How many of those did you know? Got any to add?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Well I knew about NaNoWrMo and pantsers, because I was crazy enough to sign up for NaNoWriMo and immediately realized I was a pantser. Day 2 of NaNoWriMo and my head is pounding. Is there a slang word for aspirin?

    1. Now I'm cracking up, Alana. That's awesome :) haha! Thanks for the blog love :)

  2. Cool post! I never heard of a few of these including pantser and concrit. Okay, back to NaNoWriMo now =)

    1. Thought you might like a smile for the weekend, Heather :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You got me in with this one, Jo. I just had to know what a pantser is. Loved the whole post. Can I share this with the workshop I'm running next week, please? I'll be sure to link them back to your blog. :-)

    1. Certainly, Merlene! Anytime! Thanks for the great comment and for stopping by to expand your slang ;) hehe


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