Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year and Resolutions

Happy Monday, good people of the blogosphere! Well, it's a new year and all kinds of awesome stuff is happening. Today, I'm gonna talk about resolutions. Kind of. Let's get going and you'll see what I mean. *grin* Grab a cup of coffee because here we gooooo!

Do you look back over your previous twelve months each December and make plans for changes in the next year? You should. Learn from your successes, failures, and otherwise, and get yourself geared up to take on the next 365 days with gusto!

Here's what I found when I did an analysis of 2014:
  • I published two books and one short story.
  • I edited, proofread, or formatted for print (with IBGW) eleven books.
  • I launched and took on five new editors.
  • My blog gained 57 new subscribers.
  • My blog here reaches almost 500 people per day (measured via clicks).
  • I've grown my network by leaps and bounds.
  • I attended my first writer's conference.
  • I reviewed twenty-nine books.
  • I interviewed over twenty authors.

Looking at the above, you'd think I'd be happy as a lark, but I'm not. I think I can do better.

So, for 2015, I'm going to do the following:
  • Publish three novels and another anthology with the ladies of Fractured Glass.
  • Attend UtopYA Con again in June.
  • Publish a blog post every day (M-F) unless I let you all know otherwise.
  • Write one book review per week (which should get me very close to 52).
  • Keep up with my author interviews and make them bigger, badder, and more awesome.
  • Find a way to launch my 12 Days of Review Requests event to the next level.
  • Follow my schedule for posting to various social media sites and blogging to the Nth degree.
  • Get the Review Team's posts into the hands of more readers.

Here's my TBR list for 2015 (in no particular order):
  1. Bound by Duty - Stormy Smith
  2. Shadows on Snow (A Flipped Fairy Tale) - Starla Hutchon
  3. From the Wreckage - Michelle G. Miller
  4. 8 Weeks - Bethany Lopez
  5. The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge - Christine Nolfi
  6. Moonlight - David Rose
  7. Facade: A Vampire Love Story - R. M. Webb
  8. Siren - Jennifer Melzer
  9. Queen of Someday - Sherry Ficklin
  10. Fragile Creatures - Kristina Circelli
  11. At One's Beast - Rachel Barnard
  12. Unseen - Stephanie Erickson
  13. The Heart Thief - S. Lee Benedict
  14. Refuge - Violet Haze
  15. Kindling Flames-Gathering Tinder - Julie Wetzel
  16. Dry Stories - Kate Baggot *Read - Review to come*
  17. Kinetic: Book One of the Kinetic Trilogy - C. M. Zimmer
  18. The Release Club 1 - Misty Provencher *Read - Review to come* 
  19. Destiny Finds Her - Miranda Lynn
  20. To Get Me to You - Kait Nolan
  21. The Lady of Souls - Jenn Gott
  22. Sticks and Stones - Shawn McGuire
  23. Good Luck With That Thing You're Doing: One Woman's Adventures in Dating, Plumbing and Other Full Contact Sports - Karen Yankosky
  24. Desprite Measures-The Caledonian Sprite - Deborah Jay
  25. The Last Guardian Rises - Rebecca Trogner
  26. Witch Hunter Olivia - T. A. Kunz
  27. Never Forgotten - Kelly Risser
  28. Beyond the Western Sun - Kristina Circelli
  29. Lethal Takeout - Vered Ehsani
  30. Cursed - Jennifer Armentrout
  31. Evanescent - Carlyle Labuschagne
  32. The Forgotten Ones - Laura Howard
  33. Silent Orchids - Morgan Wiley
  34. First Impressions - Pauline Creeden
  35. Darlings of Decay - Tamara Rose Blodgett
  36. The Purgatorium - Eva Pohler
  37. Safer Outside - Kristina Renee
  38. Forbidden - Amy Miles
  39. Creatura - Nely Cab
As you can see, I have a rather long list. Keeping my fingers crossed I can get through them all. I also have a book review for Altered, book two of the Crewel series coming. So, the next three weeks are covered. *grin*

How about you? Do you do a year in review? Have a TBR? Share with me!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Happy New Year! I'm impressed with your 2015 to-do list! Can't wait to read more of your posts and reviews!

    1. Thanks, Heather :) I have a lot to do this year, but I plan to do it up right :) Much catching up to get through over the next couple days, too :)

  2. Wow, we're in the same stage on a lot of things as writers/readers, but I think you are thinking bigger than I am! I wrote up my goals from 2014 and my new goals for 2015, but now they seem quite modest. I wrote mine on my blog here:

    I absolutely loved your 12 Days of Review Requests and would love to do something like that too! My smallish version is my upcoming Birthday Book Bash where I'm attempting to do multiple things in a two hour time span, 1. Stand up comedy (I've never done before), 2. a raffle for a fun author/reader/fun lover prize, 3. a book exchange.

    1. I left you a little comment :) Okay, a big one. Anyway, come on back Thursday. Hopefully, we can get a good discussion going about blog events :) Thanks for sharing, hon!


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