Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nominated for Two Awards - Vote?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I have some amazing news for you all. It's late because I've been on the fence with how to approach it. Bear with me while I explain, please. *grin* Do you have coffee? If not, grab some, sit back, and relax while you read.

I was recently nominated for two amazing awards by the utopYA Academy, and I'd like to tell you about them. I'm gonna ask you for a favor here in a minute, so stick with me.

First up, I got nominated for Blogger of the Year. This was huge for me, because there are some amazing bloggers on that list with me: Maria Pease, Tammie Ross Zimmerman, Shana Benedict, Vilma Gonzales, and Mandy Anderson. I mean, wow. I'm over the moon to be on that list.

More than that, it helped me realize what I do here in my corner of the blogosphere is appreciated, and it tells me someone, somewhere, found something I published helpful in some way. That made me smile. It's not about winning the award; it's about being on that list. I'm there. I helped someone in some way. I've already won. *cheers*

Secondly, I was nominated for a super amazing award that honors people who've displayed the tenants of utopYA over the last year (education, collaboration, and inspiration). It's called Utopian of the Year. Appropriate name, huh? On that list with me are some women I greatly admire, and there are a few I'm lucky enough to call friends: Carlyle Labuschagne, Tammie Ross Zimmerman, Heather Hildenbrand, S. M. Boyce, Carol Kunz, and Casey L. Bond.

This nomination means a lot. I'm humbled beyond words to be included with those women.

Why did I struggle with how to approach this? Well, it's because I'm me. While I have few issues with talking about my books and how much you may love them, I tend to freeze when I talk about myself. I'm just a woman at a keyboard. I do appreciate the things I do for others, but I always feel like I could be doing more.

I believe in the message of utopYA: Lift as You Climb. It's a powerful movement I'd love to see everyone embrace. That link will take you to a piece I wrote on the subject. Because of that, I stand behind the conference 100%.

Recently, I was asked to join the team of awesome that helps bring the conference to fruition every year. No, I won't be working to get sponsors or help organize the con. My end comes down to promotion and getting the word out. I'm the Book Blogger/Tuber Coordinator.

I have no words for how excited I was when Janet Wallace asked me to be a part of something so monumental in my mind. Something I believe so strongly in the message of. I jumped at the chance to help spread that mindset.

Speaking of which, if you don't have tickets yet, get them here now. They're almost all gone, and utopYA isn't an experience you want to miss.

But, I digress! Funny how you can do that when you're talking about your passion, huh?

Here's what I'd love it if you guys would do: Go vote for your favorites! It doesn't matter if it's me or one of the other women/men/books on those lists. Add your voice to the sounding board. Support the people you adore!

Want the link? Your wish is my command!

Thanks for reading my little post.

Did you vote? See anyone on that list you love?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



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    1. Thank you! I didn't win, but it was enough that I was nominated :)


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