Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Review - Depression Cookies

Happy Monday, good people of the blogosphere! It's good to be back; but it was a much needed vacation. I only had one complaint: Zero signal on my devices in the mountains and Google blocked my access to my accounts via wi-fi because it was in a different city. While I appreciate their concern for my account security, there should be some way to fix it while away from home. However, it forced me to unplug for a couple of weeks and spend time with my family, so that's all good. I would usually have scheduled blog posts ahead but we had to rearrange dates quickly over a work issue so I had little prep time. Que serra serra! I wouldn't trade the time I had with The Best Boyfriend in the World for anything.

As a bonus, I got to catch up on some reading while I was away. I only had an hour or so each day because we were a busy troupe of monkeys, but read I did. So, as a lovely return gift for you all, I bring you my review. I'll be counting this as one of my Indie Fever, 2013, Reading Challenge books.

Title: Depression Cookies
Author:  Tia Silverthorne Bach and Angela Beach Silverthorne
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Length: 557 printed pages
Amazon Kindle link:

Description from Amazon:
Two distinct voices, two stories interwoven within the walls of family and love.

Abby needs some magic in her life, along with a white knight, respectful children, and an exciting career plan. Instead she is drowning in unfulfilled expectations, disappointments, and unmet needs. What she doesn't expect is to find the true essence of magic in the strength, friendship, power, and energy of the female spirit found in her mother and her mother's zany group of friends. Krista cannot believe it's happening again. Her father waltzes in and announces another move. And what does her mother do? Nothing. Don't they realize she's almost thirteen, and this could mean the end of her life? In the midst of teenage melodrama, she is determined to survive a new school, defeat the annoyances of two scene-stealing sisters, and deal with out-of-touch parents. Yet she quickly realizes the double-edged sword of growing up.

I bought a copy of this book over on Amazon out of curiosity. I'd heard great things about it and the reviews were fantastic. To give you an idea, this book has fifteen reviews and fourteen of them are five stars. Once I dove in and wrapped my head around the story, I could see why. So, here we go; my review of Depression Cookies.

From a reader's perspective:
Abby and Krista were two of the most honest characters I've ever read. They held nothing back as they spoke with authentic voices, describing what it's like to be a teenager or a mother of many children. I could identify with them both. Fears, issues, and the inner workings of their minds were all right on target. Krista seemed like someone I would befriend in school and Abby sounded a lot like my own mother. I was pulled in from page one and I hated it when I had to put the book down. If I'd had time, I know I would've read straight through. I laughed, I cried, and I got angry as I read. Books that can pull emotion like that out of a reader are worth every moment spent with one's nose buried in the pages. I loved the alternating viewpoints and getting to see what the child remembers as opposed to what the parent remembers in different situations. It shows that, sometimes, you don't see the whole story or all of what's going on behind the scenes.

From an editor's perspective:
I found a number of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors in this book. It needs some TLC but the emotional pull didn't suffer. Example: Thrown for Throne. Darn homophones.

+ 1 Star for creating characters I could really feel for.
+ 1 Star for making me want to read on and on and...
+ 1 Star for a creative writing style that really put things into perspective.
+ 1 Star for ripping my heart out and stuffing it back together repeatedly.
+ .5 Star for helping me understand my own mother a bit more.
- .5 Star for errors.

Overall, 4.5 out of 5 stars. A highly recommended read for women of all ages.

I hope you all enjoyed this review. Next on my list is The Awakening (The Judas Curse) by Angella Graff. I'm already into it.

As you all may remember, my birthday falls in July. I like to give gifts so keep your eyes on the blog for some great giveaways that will be coming soon!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Glad you're back! Nice to go off the grid for sure. I plan on it next month when me and the fam go on a cruise. Great review! This sounds like a touching read for sure.

    1. I have to unplug now and then. If I don't, I'd go stark-raving mad :) It's a wonderful book.

  2. I loved this book - have given it as a gift to a few people! I'm glad someone I respect so much likes the same book I do!

    1. I like a lot of the same books you do :) Gifts are always lovely to receive!


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