Monday, October 7, 2013

A Guest Post by Felicia Tatum

Happy Monday, good people of the blogosphere! Today, I'm treating you all to a wonderful guest post by my featured author, Felicia Tatum! You're gonna love this one. In case this is your first visit to my blog, I'll remind you that Felicia is one of the authors attending UtopYA Con 2014 and these posts are a way to get to know some of the ladies before the event. Tickets are on sale now! Click here to get yours. Grab those pens and notebooks and let's get going!

The Whiteboard, Computer, Pink Highlighter, and Notebook Way

by Felicia Tatum

What do a whiteboard, a computer, a pink highlighter, and a Hunger Games themed notebook all have in common?

They keep me sane.

Writing a book is a lot of work…but what happens when your brain decides to throw a bunch of different stories at you?

What do you do when you have all of these characters vying for your attention, begging you to let their story out, but you don’t know how to handle it all?

The above list has saved my life, helped me become more organized, and improved how quickly and efficiently I write

The Whiteboard: I have the next 4 projects on the board…word count goals, current word count, deadline date, and tentative release date. Maybe it’s just me, but seeing this thing looming over my head every morning makes me go, “Oh, I need to get a better number,” “That needs to be higher,” or “I need to finish that one.”

A computer: Duh. If you don’t know what this is for, please email me NOW.

A pink highlighter: I use it to mark off scenes as I write them…where are the scenes, you ask? Read on…

A Hunger Games themed notebook: I have all things book in this notebook my brother bought me a year ago for $2. I have started outlining books, so I have chapter ideas, and sometimes whole chapters outlined in it. I also have detailed pages of dreams I have for later books. This helps me to keep it all together. And yes, I have another for when this one is full.

So, I’m curious.
How do you keep organized? What do you do?

I’ve noticed I write much faster and have met deadlines much easier since I started all of this.

~ Felicia

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Title: Devlin's Decendant
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The curse is drawing closer and closer to an end, the only solution, kill Devlin Hart’s descendant. Scott is dealing with the aftermath of his discovery while Olivia desperately tries to stop Aiden’s recapture. What will happen when Scott reveals the identity of the descendant?

Follow along as Olivia, Scott, Juniper, Sadie, Aiden, and Mark continue their adventure. Discover secrets, new loves, celebrate a birthday, take a trip to the mysterious Sorcery Council, and more in Devlin’s Descendant.

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Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. I love the whiteboard idea! What a great motivation tool!

    1. So simple...only took me a year to think of it! Ha! It's helped a TON. f

    2. I love that idea, too. I have one and never thought to use it in that way. I've always done sticky notes :) hehe

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right? I totally feel compelled to seize my stuff and re-evaluate my process...!

  3. I like how simple and organized your system sounds. I have the notebook, but I use it for my ms edit copy. It just seems easier for me to get away from the computer for that process, and then post them when I've gone through the whole thing. Your white board does sound like a great way to keep it 'out there' and prominent. Deadlines are sneaky little dudes, and this way the element of surprise seems to be removed!

    1. I do an outline type thing in the notebook, then figure out when to publish depending on how long I think I'll need from the notes. The white board is my new best friend!!

    2. She's a flipping genius! I'm a lover of simple things, too! Thanks for the comment, S.G.!


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