Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Review - Darkest Legacy

Happy Tuesday, good people of the blogosphere! Today, I bring you another book review. Remember last week when I talked about a super surprise review? Well, this is it. You may remember my post from yesterday and the lovely author I interviewed. I picked up a copy of her book (call me intrigued that someone so young could be so awesome) and decided to write a review for you all. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax. Here we go!

Before we get to the review, here's a little about the book on the chopping block for today:

Title: Darkest Legacy
Author: Allyson Gottlieb
Genre: YA Paranormal
Length: About 51 printed pages
Link to Amazon: $0.99 Kindle (Part of Select so if you're a member, you can borrow it for free)

A fast-paced, high-stakes novella

Everyone has secrets they'd prefer stayed buried.  But information wants to be free... and so does Tamara Kingsley's ex-lover, incarcerated on the maximum-security prison planet, Alpha.

Tamara has done things she's not proud of, but that was years ago.  Now the headmistress of the Silvermist School of Magic, she has an honest life, one that makes her happy.  For the last twenty years she's fought like hell to keep it that way, and she thought she had succeeded.

She's about to find out just how wrong she was to think her past was dead and gone.

Let me start off by saying I LOVE this cover! Not only does it fit the book inside perfectly, it's genre proper and beautiful.

On to the good stuff!

I did an interview with the author, Allyson Gottlieb, on my blog and was so intrigued, I picked up a copy of her book on Amazon. I'm astounded at the level of writing found in Darkest Legacy and I'm looking forward to the sequel; which she assures me is in the works. Now, for my review.

From a reader's perspective:
I could identify with Tamara Kingsley. She came across as a confused young lady and a strong woman. I love tales with strong female leads and this one didn't disappoint. Just when you think she's beaten, she comes back with a vengeance. World building was good, but I did get a tiny bit confused in the beginning of the book and ended up putting it down. Took me two sittings to read the whole thing, and it's pretty short. I know there's a sequel in the works so I'm holding out hope the author delves more deeply into the world in later tales. This one introduced the characters and built them well. For a short story, there was a lot of great development and information. Being a reader who doesn't like a lot of fluff and description (filler), I was pleasantly surprised how much fit between the cover pages. By the end, I cared about what happened to Tamara and was solidly in her corner. I'm looking forward to learning more about her in the next book.

From an editor's perspective:
There are a number of pronoun issues throughout and I'd like to see the author use more contractions (especially in speech). However, there were no redundancy issues or misspellings. It just needs a good proofreader to make it sparkle like it should.

My rating:
1 Star for wonderful world building
1 Star for giving me a character I'm now super curious to learn more about
1 Star for lovely tension (especially at the end)
.5 Star for great writing
- 1 Star for the confusion at the beginning of the novel
- .5 Star for need for a proofreader
Overall, 3.5 out of 5 stars! We all know I round up, not down, so this book gets a 4 overall. Highly recommended if you're looking for a quick, fun, well written read.

I hope you all take a chance and pick up this book. It was a lot of fun to read. At $0.99, what do you have to lose?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. That's great she's already decided to publish in her teens! Awesome review =)

    1. I was completely blown away. Both by the imagination and execution of the story by the author. Thanks for the accolades on the review, Heather :)

    2. Aww, you guys are too much. Big hugs when I meet you in June, Jo! And thanks for the awesome review :)

    3. Amen! Big hugs back atcha will be forthcoming. You're welcome for the review. :) My pleasure, actually.


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