Friday, December 12, 2014

12 Days of Review Requests - Day Five

Happy Friday! Welcome back to the 12 Days of Review Requests fun here on the Jo Michaels blog! If you missed the opening post, be SURE and check it out here. It has the Rafflecopter entry form for the Kindle HD6. Each day, I'll post links to all the books pitched the previous day and a short recap of what I'm looking for you to put in the comments. Then, I'll have the Rafflecopter winner from the previous day, and the entry form for the current one along with the prizes. Let's get going!

Today, I invite you all to join the Facebook party for the upcoming release of Fractured Glass. We're giving away a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky person and lots of books, swag, and other goodies the day of the event. Join in the fun here. Feel free to invite your friends.

Books marked with an astrisks and in BOLD are winners.
(That doesn't mean your book wasn't chosen, only that it wasn't chosen today)

***Bound by Duty - Stormy Smith - Amazon Kindle $2.99
Shadows on Snow (A Flipped Fairy Tale) - Starla Hutchon - Amazon Kindle $2.99
Dry Stories - Kate Baggot - Amazon Kindle $3.56
From the Wreckage - Michelle G. Miller - Amazon Kindle FREE
An Unlikely Goddess - Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar - Amazon Kindle $0.99
The House at Zaronza - Vanessa Couchman - Amazon Kindle $2.99
***8 Weeks - Bethany Lopez - Amazon Kindle $3.99
Click. Date. Repeat. - K. J. Farnham - Amazon Kindle $3.99
Kinetic: Book One of the Kinetic Trilogy - C. M. Zimmer - Amazon Kindle $2.99
Six Months to Get a Life - Ben Adams - Grab a sample on Drive here!
Family Planning (Choices Book 3) - Beth Carpenter - Amazon Kindle $0.99
***The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge - Christine Nolfi - Amazon Kindle $0.99
The Release Club 1 - Misty Provencher - Amazon Kindle $0.99
Moonlight - David Rose - Amazon Kindle $1.69
View from the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale - Elizabeth Horton-Newton - Amazon Kindle $2.99
Facade: A Vampire Love Story - R. M. Webb - Amazon Kindle $0.99
The ABCs of Dinkology: Life - A. E. Stueve - Amazon Paperback $8.91
Of Mice and Money - Winifred Morris - Amazon Kindle $0.99
The Cure - Stephanie Erickson - Amazon Kindle $2.51
Siren - Jennifer Melzer - Amazon Kindle (Pre-order) $3.99 Grab a sample on Drive!
Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams - Rachel Barnard - Amazon Kindle $0.99
***Queen of Someday - Sherry Ficklin - Amazon Kindle $5.99
Fragile Creatures - Kristina Circelli - Amazon Kindle $2.99
Pariah - Casey L. Bond - Amazon Kindle $3.99
Destiny Finds Her - Miranda Lynn - Amazon Kindle $2.99
In Dreams - Heather Mullins - Amazon Kindle $2.99
Indelible - Bethany Lopez - Amazon Kindle $3.99
They Called It Moosicide: A Denali Hawthorne Alaska Mystery - Lisa Hall Deckert - Amazon Kindle $2.99
At One's Beast - Rachel Barnard - Amazon Kindle $2.99
To Get Me to You - Kait Nolan - Amazon Kindle $2.99
The Rabbit Ate My Homework - Rachel Elizabeth Cole - Amazon Kindle $3.99
Unseen - Stephanie Erickson - Amazon Kindle $2.99
Sticks and Stones - Shawn McGuire - Amazon Kindle $0.99
Sir Lyle's Dig - Sheldon Lefkowitz - Amazon Kindle $6.99
Warrior Lore: Scandinavian Ballads - Ian Cumpstey - Amazon Kindle $2.99
Good Luck With That Thing You're Doing: One Woman's Adventures in Dating, Plumbing and Other Full Contact Sports - Karen Yankosky - Amazon Kindle $2.99
The Heart Thief - S. Lee Benedict - Amazon Kindle $4.99
Damsel Not - Kristina Circelli - Amazon Kindle $2.95
Tempted - Brenda Tetreault - Amazon Kindle $3.99
Christmas Come Early - Bethany Lopez - Amazon Kindle $0.99
The Crime of Seduction - Nadine LaForet - Amazon Kindle $0.99
Be Careful, It's My Heart - Kait Nolan - Amazon Kindle $0.99
Roots Entwine - Victoria Bastedo - Amazon Kindle $5.99
The Sextape: A Dedication to the Ladies - Peprah Boasiako - Amazon Kindle $3.99
Living on the Knife's Edge - David Rose - Amazon Kindle $0.99
Nissa: a contemporary fairy tale - Bethany Lopez - Amazon Kindle $2.99
The Unknown Sun - Cheryl Mackey - Amazon Kindle $2.99
Refuge - Violet Haze - Amazon Kindle $0.99

Congratulations to Bethany! Your book has been tweeted, shared on Pinterest, added to my Goodreads TBR for the event, and shared on Facebook.

If you pitched and your book isn't in the list, you didn't put the link in the Rafflecopter form. Ergo, it wasn't added.

PITCH your book in the comments. Put the LINK to your book in the Rafflecopter form. Tell me why you think I'll like it, why I should check it out, and a little about the story. DO NOT give me a synopsis. I can get that from Amazon. Make it personal or make it funny. I care not. I'll be grabbing a sample of every book pitched and go from there.

AUTHOR ONLY entries will be removed from Rafflecopter before a winner is chosen. If you want a shot at winning the prizes, put BOTH in the box asking how you're entering.

I strongly encourage you to check out the works of your fellow Indie authors. Chat in the comments, talk each other up, make friends!

Book reviewers! You're welcome to play along, too! Meet and greet authors. Get new books to read and review. It only works if we all work together.

If you haven't joined my 2015 Review Team, do that here

**Kindly remember, there's no guarantee your book will be reviewed by me. You will get a purchase if your sample interests me, and I'll try my best to read it. But if I find I can't give it more than 2 stars, I won't write the review. I've had a few I couldn't finish and it led to me not giving a review.**

Now it's time to announce the winners from yesterday's giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today, prizes from the fabulous Elizabeth Sharp and myself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Hello friends! I was so thrilled to be Jo's pick for day four and wanted to let you know that for the next six days, my book Bound by Duty is ON SALE! Just 99 pennies. :) If you were on the fence, head out and one-click to your heart's content. My link is the first one under the Day one entries.

    Have an awesome weekend!

    1. STORMY! That's great news! What a bonus for the attendees :) I wasn't on the fence. LOVED your sample! Thanks for the heads up.

    2. Congrats on winning, and I will go check out your book :) I'm always looking for new reads!

    3. I love that cover. Congratulations Stormy!

  2. Here you go, trying my luck

    On the evening of her sixteenth birthday, Dawn witnesses four men assaulting a girl. Unable to walk away, Dawn runs toward danger to help the girl. When the group of guys turns out to be a group of demons filled with blood lust, she has to fight for her life.

    Dawn ends up unconscious and at the hospital, and the nightmares she has about the demons haunt her every night and day. She sees them wherever she goes, and she is not even certain whether they are real or if they are only her imagination. When Dawn meets Angelo, she finds that coping with the horrors haunting her mind is a little easier. Happiness seems right around the corner, until Bonita, the exotic beauty with a dark soul and mind, appears to take what she desires: Angelo. Bonita casts a love spell over Angelo, and suddenly demons become the least of Dawn’s problems. If Dawn can't find a way to break the spell and stop Bonita, she could lose her love, and even her life.

    ANGELS DAWN is a YA Paranormal Romance that will appeal to fans of Becca Fitzpatrick's HUSH HUSH and Lauren Kate's FALLEN SERIES.

    1. Komali! Welcome to the party :) I saw your book won an award. Congratulations! I'm eager to grab your sample and get to reading. Thank so much for coming by and giving us your details!

    2. Aw, thank you so much. Yes, I won four Awards at the Paranormal Bookshelf Awards. I'm blessed. xo

  3. Hi again! ;)

    So I'm pitching Refuge by my other name, Violet Haze.

    Zee doesn't know who she is. Feeling safe inside a psych ward, she fantasizes about one of her doctors sexy voice and nice hands while refusing to face the truth of how she ended up there. This story starts with a glimpse at what sent her there, to present day, and slowly reveals what sent her spiraling to the point she loses her memory. (And again, that's all I can say without giving to much away).

    However! Today I've decided to throw in a part you can't see in the sample, because I love this, it's one my favorite parts. The chapter is aptly titled "Shut Up" and when I chose the song to go with it, it was perfect. I highly recommend anyone who reads it makes sure they listen to the songs that accompany it, ha.

    “I know your name, Zee.”
    At those words, I whip my head to face him, pointing a finger at him, and yell, “No!”
    He lifts a brow, placing his pen down on the desk, before steepling his fingers and smiling. “Why don’t you want to hear it?”
    “You can’t know my name. Nobody knows who I am.”
    “What if I said we do?” Even though I shake my head, he continues with whatever he thinks he has to say. “We were hoping you’d remember on your own. You’ve been through a lot in the last year before the accident, so we thought maybe you simply needed a break. But now I know you’re afraid to know anything at all.”
    “Shut up!” I stand up and slam my hands down on his desk, glaring at him. “You shut up, right now!”

    <3 good luck to everyone! I will be checking out all the books posted.

    1. This is awesome. What a unique idea to post an excerpt, C. S.! Great selection, too :) I have your sample and I'm eagerly awaiting the diving in of it.

    2. A widow comes out of her shell when a cowboy with a questionable matrimonial history invites her on a road trip. They’re just friends, but love has a way of sneaking in.

      It takes courage to try again when life has demonstrated the terrible consequences of loving and losing. Fortunately, people with a few miles on them have a lifetime of experience to draw upon when the going gets tough. Join Ben and Marsha as they make this journey together in RECALCULATING ROUTE.

    3. Hmmmm country romance, eh? I've only read a couple of these. This one sounds interesting, Beth! Thanks for coming back and pitching another book, I'm intrigued to read the sample! :)

  4. What a wonderful idea - thanks for the fun!
    Pitching my book DESPRITE MEASURES:
    Described by one reviewer as an 'eco-urban fantasy' this is the tale of Cassie, a Scottish water sprite - an elemental - who is trying to live a quiet life in her native Highlands.
    Being kidnapped by a magician who intends using her natural force to power his dangerous experiment doesn't quite fit the bill, and when she falls for her fellow captive, her life and loves spin out of control. Add in a vampire-junkie hedge witch, a powerful but vulnerable druid, and rival covens who see her as a prize to be won, and Cassie's swimming in problems.
    To add to the fun, if you read on a computer or tablet, this book contains live links to website with pictures and info on the locations that appear in the story, including the infamous Loch Ness.

    1. What a great pitch! Sounds awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on this. Playing catchup with reading samples this weekend, so I'm close! Thanks so much for coming by and introducing me to your book. Welcome to the madness :)

  5. The Watchers were responsible for keeping the power of the dark wizard in check after the breaking of the world. They were from the three major races, and they did their duty for centuries without fail. One day, they stopped.

    It's been a thousand years since the Breaking of the World. Elves, dwarves and men have gone their separate ways into self-imposed isolation. Evil once again gains power though the machinations of the wizard Khollaran, and the rebirth of a dragon - once thought lost forever.

    Only through the fulfillment of an obscure prophecy, the impossible birth of half-breed twins and the reuniting of the races will the world stand a chance to survive the coming storm of rage-driven magic.

    1. Elves?! Dwarves?! Wizards?!?! You guys are knocking it out of the park this year with the book suggestions. This sounds fantastic! Eek! Thanks so much for pitching your book. I'm very much looking forward to reading the sample! Welcome to the blog, Timothy!

  6. Fearsome Creatures: Release date December 12 finally arrived!
    Do you like scary? Do you like strange? Does it curl your toes (or your hair), or make your tummy go hollow when you read about alien monsters with an appetite for people - or everything in sight? This is by my SF alter ego, David B. Ross, and it's a collection of four very different short stories about alien life forms who behave in monstrous ways. The theme is disaster, strange ways to die, and the end of the world. Dare I say it, but Ross has quite an imagination ;-) Meet Todd and his shipmates, who encounter the unknown in the dark. Meet the aliens who want to start over on planet Earth. Find out just how strangely a survey expedition might come to grief. Witness the very last gasp of our world.
    Perhaps this is an odd duck to be pitched here - but hey, maybe it's good to be different!

    1. First of all: HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY! :) Second: I write horror, I read horror, I LOVE horror! :) Like I said in the intro post, I've read and enjoy most genres. Thanks for the awesome pitch, David. I'm excited about it! :)

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