Wednesday, March 8, 2017

$25 off Tables at OIBF

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Oh my gosh, I'm excited! If you remember my post from Monday about the conferences and signings I'm attending this year, you'll know about Ozarks Indie Book Fest. Well, there's a SEVEN DAY sale on tables! Get your clicking finger ready, and let's get to the details!

To start, a half table is only $100, which I think is a steal to begin with. But for the next seven days, you can get one for just $75.

Use code springfling17

Get your ticket or table here

If you want to know more about the fun stuff happening at the conference, check out the schedule on the OIBF website. It promises to be a weekend of FUN.

Remember! Reader tickets are just TEN DOLLARS! Grab them on the link above.

Let's talk hotel rooms!


This is where the Ozarks Indie Book Fest is being held.

Rooms can be booked. Call or go to the website of University Plaza Springfield Missouri.

Booking Code is OZARKS.

Rates are $109.00(Plus Taxes) for 2 Queens in 1 room. $139.00(Plus Taxes) for 1 king suite.

Check out the amazing sponsors for the event here. There are some great ones. I can't believe I'm gonna be surrounded by so much awesome.

What are you waiting for? Will I see you there?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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