Tuesday, April 18, 2017

War and Pieces ~ Frayed Fairy Tales - Update and Information

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Lookit! I'm here! *grin* So, today, I'm going to share with you an update and a couple of awesome teasers for the upcoming War and Pieces ~ Frayed Fairy Tales releases. I'm also going to explain the construct (it's different, and it's sooooo exciting). I'm still having a hard time believing we've pulled it off. Let's get going, shall we?

First, I'll explain the release schedule and how we broke the books down with who wrote what.

War and Pieces is a serial series. There are ten seasons with three episodes in each. I heard that collective gasp, but stay with me. Each episode is only 10k words long. That means we'll be handing over 10k bite-sized pieces at a time, every other day. Our release schedule is crazy with Season 1: Episode 1 releasing on 4/24, and the others following at a rapid pace through the end of June.

Together, the whole set of tales clock in at around 310k words. We realized that was a lot, so we broke it down into easy-to-digest chunks. Yes, it's ALL WRITTEN. We didn't want to release the first one until we were ready to publish them all, and we wanted to do it quickly so no one got bored or forgot the first story by the time they reached the last.

Here's how we broke down the writing:
Season 1 - Rose Red's tale - by Tia Silverthorne Bach and N. L. Greene
Season 2 - Ariel's tale - by Jo Michaels and Kelly Risser
Season 3 - Rapunzel's tale - by Kelly Risser
Season 4 - Mulan's tale - by Jo Michaels and Tia Silverthorne Bach
Season 5 - Cinderella's tale - by Tia Silverthorne Bach
Season 6 - Hansel and Gretel's tale - by N. L. Greene and Jo Michaels
Season 7 - Tiger Lily's tale - by Jo Michaels
Season 8 - Jasmine's tale - by Kelly Risser and N. L. Greene
Season 9 - Aurora's tale - by N. L. Greene
Season 10 - Ninfa's tale - by Tia Silverthorne Bach and Kelly Risser

Our stories happen after the happily ever after. When paranormal creatures begin invading the realms these women live in, they're off to battle once again. But not always as princesses. Some of them have risen to the status of Queen, and some rise to that level within the story. Some have children, and some are still trying, but all are regal and intimidating.

As a look back, here are the covers:

Can you figure out the paranormal creatures?

And the book trailer:

I do hope you're all ready. Our first release is Monday! Yes, we're nervous, but I think you'll love the stories.

Teasers! These were made by the always awesome Jaci Chaney (click to view larger).

Our coloring competition ended yesterday, and the entries are fantastic! We'll be launching public voting Monday as well, so be sure you come on back for information on where you can give your opinion on which is the best.

If you haven't pre-ordered book one, you can do so for just $0.99 on allllllll ebook platforms. Here are the links:

Kindle - Preorder
Smashwords - Preorder
Barnes and Noble - Preorder
iBooks - Preorder

I can't even convey how excited I am.

Which story are you most looking forward to?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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