Blogging Tips and Blog Tours

Here's the page of tips on blogging and how to run/organize your own blog tour. It will be updated yearly.

Your Blog's Big Event - Why you should hold one giant event each year and how to do it
YouTube for Bloggers and Authors - How both can use this awesome tool for marketing
What's Above the Fold - What the term means and why it matters
Blogging for Creatives - Info on a book I highly recommend to new and established bloggers
Types of Blog Posts for Authors and Book Bloggers - Exactly what the title indicates
Publishing Your Blog to Kindle - How to do this and why you should
Guest Posting - Topic Turmoil - How to come up with a great guest post topic
Blog Topics: Where do They Come From? - How to find new topics to write about on your blog 

How to Sign up Bloggers
Creating Promotional Materials and HTML
Finding Reviewers
Creating a Thunderclap Campaign
Throwing a Facebook Launch Party

SERIES: BECOMING A BOOK BLOGGER - This is the intro post that links to all the others listed
Choosing a Name
Branding Yourself With Imagery
Picking a Platform for Publishing
Design Considerations
Structuring Your Rating System
Building an Audience - Social Media Crazy
Writing Reviews
Money, You Say?