Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chapter 16 excerpt!

Temujin has spoken to God again in chapter 16 but I am not posting that excerpt. I know, awwwwwww. Haha! Instead, read about his brother, Quasar, and his brother's wife...

    After my things were packed onto GraĂȘl, I kissed my wife, hugged my children, and mounted. Jelme and Bo’orchu were mounting as well but Quasar was nowhere to be seen. We waited a few minutes before dismounting and heading for his yurt. When we approached, we heard Quasar arguing with his wife.

    “You are a piece of dung! Why must you leave me in this condition to go follow after your little brother on some conquest that you have no stake in?”

    “Wife, the Tatars murdered our father and I owe them a payback just as much as Temujin does. We are brothers. Besides, this could very well make our fortunes. I will return before long, do not worry your head.”

    We heard weeping and then something breaking before the shrill voice of Quasar’s wife again filled the air. “Then go! If you have not returned by the time this baby comes, I will kill you in your sleep!”

    Quasar stumbled through the door and was shocked to see all of us standing there. He blushed and said, “Yes. Baby. We must go, NOW.”

    We all took a moment to clap him on the back and issue congratulations. We took one moment too long and Quasar’s wife came through the door behind him, brandishing a weapon.

    She began to scream, “Go! Get out of here! All of you! I will have your heads if you do not leave my sight right NOW!”

    We ran for the horses and leapt onto their backs, spurring them on with a quick kick of our heels. We thundered toward the road for many minutes before we dared to slow down; the fear of Quasar’s wife still upon us.

    Jelme spoke first, “She is scary, Quasar! What was that she was holding? It looked like a club of some sort!”

    “It was one of the legs of our table. She snapped it off and started smashing things in the house. She told me she was having a baby just last night and begged me not to leave. I told her, ‘Temujin is my brother and Yesugei was my father, too.’ She did not want to hear that and wept all night; calling me every name she could think of – it was many.”


This is where Temujin, Quasar, Jelme, and Bo'orchu are on their way back to the Kerait tribe to set off on a revenge mission. It should be interesting because Temujin has been wanting this for a long LONG time.

We shall see! I hope everyone is enjoying the snippits so far. It is 9am and time to get to work!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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