Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter Outline

Well, I got my chapter outline done today. I wasn't sure how quickly the plot would progress until I got chapters 1-10 out of the way but I have a pretty good grasp of the story now and how it has decided to breathe. Here are all of the chapter titles and they tell a bit about what happens by name.

I am not listing summaries because, in my FIRM opinion, summaries are spoilers and you do not want to miss the upcoming action in this book! So, without further ado:

Chapter 1 – The Business of Wives:
Chapter 2 – Of Plots and Abandonment:
Chapter 3 – Metamorphosis
Chapter 4 – I Run, I Hide, I Die
Chapter 5 – Slaves
Chapter 6 – Escape
Chapter 7 – It’s Me Again
Chapter 8 – Training
Chapter 9 – Marriage
Chapter 10 – Bloodlust
Chapter 11 – To War
Chapter 12 – Revenge and Recovery
Chapter 13 – My Love
Chapter 14 – Goings and Comings
Chapter 15 – A Son is Born
Chapter 16 – The Tatars
Chapter 17 – Homecoming
Chapter 18 – Domination
Chapter 19 – Assassination
Chapter 20 – Rivalry
Chapter 21 – Ultimate Betrayal
Chapter 22 – Friends and Foes
Chapter 23 – Hunter
Chapter 24 – Borte
Chapter 25 – Fire Burns a Mighty Path
Chapter 26 – Seizure
Chapter 27 – Friendship
Chapter 28 – Genghis Khan

And, there you have it!!

I hope this puts some excitement into you for the upcoming excerpts!!

Until next time, Write ON!


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