Monday, March 17, 2014

Luck o' the Release Indie-rific Giveaway

Happy St. Paddy's Day, good people of the blogosphere! Today, I'm sharing with you all a little bit of fun happening over on Facebook. There are a ton of great books and prizes to win so hop on over and check it out here:

Luck o' the Release Day Extravaganza!

Casey L. Bond and Cassy Roop will be partying it up until 11pm. It's happening right now, so get your booties on the move!

These two new releases by Cassy and Casey will be up for grabs along with the donated books from the many authors:

Reap by Casey L. Bond ($0.99 for a limited time on Amazon)

The remnants of the United States of America have been divided. From five enormous, technologically-advanced cities, the Greaters rule over the Lessers.

In the Lesser village of Orchard, things are not as perfect as Abby Kelley thinks they are. When the apple harvest draws near and the Greater’s engineered fruits become too much for one village to handle alone, reinforcements from neighboring villages are called upon.

Having to choose between her best friend, whom she has no romantic feelings for, and mysterious newcomer Crew, Abby finds herself in the middle of a harvest that she had no intention of becoming a part of. She becomes involved in a situation that threatens the strict rule of the Greaters, and just might give the Lessers hope for a better tomorrow. But, can she help the Lessers without losing Crew? And if she chooses Crew, will she lose her best friend? 

The Price of Love by Cassy Roop ($2.99 on Amazon)

Two short months before graduating high school, Kendall Jones’ world is ripped apart at the seams. A stranger rescues her from a near brutal attack, but is unable to save her parents from death. Eight years later, Kendall moves to New York, hoping to put her past behind her, and once again finds herself in need of rescue.

Tristan Price saves the life of a young woman, who then haunts his dreams for eight long years. When she literally falls at his feet, Tristan decides that he will protect her, no matter what the cost. When her past comes back to threaten her, his plan to keep her close could cost his heart.

Can Tristan save Kendall a second time, and at what cost? Can the price of love overshadow the darkness of her past?

Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a Standalone and has a HEA.

I mentioned there are many Indie authors participating. Here's the most recent list:

And, in case you want to enter the fabulous Rafflecopter giveaway, here's the link to the form:

Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway!

Good luck and have a lot of fun, guys!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. I LOVE the cover for Reap. Definitely adding it to my TBR list =)

    1. Isn't it pretty? I got a copy and will be starting it here soon :) Thanks for the blog love, Heather :)


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