Thursday, May 23, 2013

When the Muse Steps out of the Room

Well, it's Thursday yet again, good people of the blogosphere! Today we're gonna talk about the Muse and what to do when she steps away from your side to go tend another author, songwriter, or painter. Tips and tricks to tempt her back, if you will. So, grab your pens and notebooks and let's get going!

What do you do when you feel the Muse upon you? Do you hurry to your computer and quickly boot up and begin to write? What happens when you're at the store or at church when she pays you a visit? Do you rush home and leave your buggy or excuse yourself from the chapel to go to your car and write?

Of course not. We don't have lives like that, where we can drop any task and write when we need to.

But what about when your Muse has abandoned you and refuses to return? There are a couple of things you can do to help yourself in this situation.

  • Write at the same time every day. Muses are busy, they don't have time to hang around with everyone on the planet. Seriously, when you write at the same time every day, your brain will get used to the creative cycle you put it on and you'll find words flowing more easily over the course of just a few weeks.
  • Read a book. Books are a writer's fuel. We consume them because they engage our brains and make us think.
  • Exercise. Believe it or not, exercise stimulates your brain. It gets your blood flowing and your neurons pumping.
  • Read a good writing blog (like this one!). Sometimes, just reading about writing helps you out of your funk and allows you to put down new words.
  • Take a walk or call a friend. Walking and having a seat on a bench, watching people, can be a huge booster to your brain. Sometimes, you'll find an interesting character that way. Talking to a friend and letting them vent will also give you book fodder. Maybe not exactly, but you can pull from life.

Before you know it, your Muse will be right there with you all the time.

Those are just a few suggestions. I'm sure if you do a Google search, you'll find many more.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. I read a book or watch a favorite movie, but if I drive alone, that's actually where I get inspired the most.

    1. That's where I used to come up with all my design ideas for projects at school. Perfect peace and quiet in the car :)


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