Friday, August 30, 2013

Changes on the Blog

Happy Friday, everyone! If you take a gander around the blog, you'll notice some major changes. I've moved the link list everyone knows and loves to the top of the page, under my banner. You'll find all the links you need to get to your favorite goodies right there. No need to bounce all over the blog.

Yes, I'm OCD. No, you can't have any of my cookies.

I do hope you all have followed me in some way. Come on, don't be sore about the cookies! I'd like to take a moment to share some stats with you.
  • I've been blogging for 19 months.
  • I've written almost 400 posts (this one makes 384).
  • My blog didn't find direction for almost 12 months.
  • I didn't start blogging every weekday for almost 1 year.
  • I have 2 blogs with identical content.
  • One has 13 subscribers via e-mail.
  • One has 60 followers.
  • One has 101 followers.
  • I average 5-10 RTs a day.
  • I only update via my social networks 3 times a day.
  • Links that I send out only drive folks to the blog with 60 followers.
  • I average 6500 views a month between the two blogs (For those of you counting, that's more than 100 page views for each blog per day. While that's a drop in the bucket, consider most of those views didn't start until I'd been blogging for almost a year. If I use those stats, I average 355 per day per blog or, 10k+ views per month).
  • One of my posts has 142 likes and 52 shares.
  • I've enjoyed over 600 comments.
  • I read and respond to every single one (not right away, but every week) so I've left at least 600 comments as well.

I bet you're all wondering why in the hell I'm going into all this, huh?

Well, it's because it just wouldn't be possible without all of you. I wanted you to see what you've helped me achieve and send a great big:

out into the void.

I changed up this blog so it's easier to find the follow buttons, the meaty part has more real-estate, and it doesn't take so dang long to load. Here's hoping you all like the new layout and that it gives you a more enjoyable reading experience. I do what I can to make visiting my blog and finding the content you want as easy as possible.

So, thank you, dearest fans and followers. Without you, this would all be an exercise in futility!

What's your favorite post on this blog?

Monday, we're back to our regularly scheduled program!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. I like the "how to write" blog posts. It will be a library for me (and others) when and if we are ready to take that plunge.

    1. Thanks, Alana! I look forward to seeing what you come up with in your writing. I know you have a book sitting, waiting to be published. :P Never wait until it's perfect; because it never will be.

  2. Great stats! My numbers have really climbed when I did giveaways with other blogs. I have been thinking about doing a separate book blog and author blog. It's a project I'll do once I finish the edits on my latest book.

    1. Ouch. I don't think I could handle another blog. Two is enough work (and the other one suffers for my attention to this one). But I could see you managing. You do a lot of book reviews. :) Thanks for the comment, Heather!


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