Friday, April 17, 2015

Pirates - Book Library and Extreme Deception

This is no happy Friday, authors of the digital realm. This is an extremely annoying Friday, full of strife and ill wishes for those deceptive enough to even think about what I'm gonna show you today. Hopefully, you get angry enough to report these slimeballs. I think it'll only work if we all work together. Ready to get your ire on? Let's get going.

First off, if you don't have a Google alert set up for your name, why not? It's FREE.

Do that now. Go here.

Remember, you can narrow down the results by adding quotes like this "for exact phrase" or AND to be sure both words are included when searched. It's also advisable to put in snippets from your book (between quotes so the whole phrase is searched and not just pieces), in case someone doesn't use your title or name.

Anyway, now that you'll be notified of stuff like this, let's move on.

I woke up to this in my e-mail:

Being the curious cat I am, I clicked. Here's what came up:

Awwww, I think. How nice it is of that person to come to the defense of Indies everywhere!

Then I see the mention of Book Library.

Book Library? I don't publish through them.

Tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I leave that browser window open and return to the e-mail. I click the link again. This time, I get this one:

Sound kinda familiar? Yeah, it did to me, too. So, I left both open and clicked yet again. And, lo and behold, lookie here:

Because I don't like viruses, I tend to click these things on my phone rather than my computer. My curiosity is massively piqued now, so I go see what this Book Library is really about. Here's what I see:
Yeah, it's a free download pirate site.

Now I'm pissed. After further investigation, I find every single one of my books on that site (which isn't Book Library, but Download Genius) and which I can now search for because I have the direct link. For free.

Please understand, my books being there isn't what has my hackles up. Piracy is piracy, and we can't shut all the websites down; more will pop up in their place. But this one goes the extra mile to be sure you, the author, think it's all legit.

Worse? They're pretending to be on your side, have your back, be your friend by appearing to be defending you and your loss of revenue.

Just... NO.

That's what made me the angriest. It's one thing to pirate my book, it's another box of bananas entirely to lead me on like you're doing me a favor or something and then pirating my book. They know exactly what they're doing.

You can't search the site directly unless you sign up for an account (NONONONO! Don't do it! It's a ripoff, credit card number stealing, bunch of bullshit). Wait for that all important Google alert and get to the link from there.

So, it's time to take action. If one or two people report this site, there may not be even a breeze ruffling these jerkoff's hairpieces. Let's create a hurricane and rip them into the ether.

Follow the steps here to create lots of fodder for your complaint. That's a Wiki How article.

Go here and follow the instructions. This is a brilliantly put together post by The Pirate Hunters.

And, for your convenience, here's the link to file the DCMA directly once you have your ammunition. (Link removed because I think it gave me a virus. :( GRRRRR)

Now, here comes the interesting part. If you've filed your copyright with the U. S. Copyright office, follow the steps above on creating your complaint fodder and contact the FBI here. No, you don't have to have your stuff registered to contact the FBI. :)

Too many times I've heard people say one person fighting doesn't make a difference. Damn right, but, like on the movie A Bug's Life, a bunch of people can create a real problem.

Let's give them the kind of problem they have nightmares about, shall we?

What do you think? Do you have a Google alert? Ever find your books on one of those sites? Gonna participate in this call to action?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. It's so frustrating and these sites are like cock roaches. I love the thought of a reader telling a friend about my book and lending it out. But, I do not like these sites that have a slew of books out there for anyone to download. It's wrong. It bothers me to think that people think it's okay to download these books from disreputable sites. It's like shoplifting. Grrrrr

    1. Right? What's worse is that they try SO hard to make it look legit! That's what annoyed the crap out of me most. I know pirate sites will always be there, but dear me. :( Thanks for the comment, Rebecca!

  2. Wow Book Library is new to me. I put a lot of effort into having my books removed from piracy sites but you are right about more just popping up,in their place.

  3. TOTALLY found that too while I was googling my name. I did make one report for each of my books, but who knows if that'll even do anything?? Thanks for sharing about your experience and giving us resources. Hopefully all of us taking action will shut down the pirate site(s).

  4. Shared this on various social media. Good luck, Jo! (go get them, tiger.)


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