Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bring Your Knowledge to the Classroom Virtually with Nepris

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today, I'm talking about a way you can interact with students via a platform that lets you do it all from the comfort of your office. That's right, you can go to classrooms virtually and share all the amazing knowledge you have stuffed in your head. I'm gonna start off by talking about my experience, why I think Nepris is so awesome, and how it works before we jump into links. Ready? Get those clicking fingers ready and let's get going!

***DISCLAIMER: No, I don't make money for referring you, that isn't how my blog works. I recommend things based on my own experience and appreciation. I only talk about things I've tried, good or bad.***

My first experience with Nepris was last school year (November, 2014), and I spoke to a classroom full of third and fourth grade readers. Our objective was to get the children excited about their upcoming project: creating a book of their very own!

I was nervous, of course, but the kids were so enthusiastic and wonderful. They weren't afraid to ask questions or jump in and talk about books and writing. It was something I'll never forget, and I sent them each a copy of book one of The Abigale Chronicles (my middle grade series). Not being a huge class, it wasn't a stretch to send them a keepsake to remember the session. It only took about an hour from beginning to end, and I felt like they learned a lot about the publishing and creation process.

It's awesome because these kids get to meet real-world people who are in the industry they're interested in. They find out, first hand, how things work and learn stuff they couldn't otherwise. Plus, they get to say they met someone in the industry and know that's the avenue of study they want to pursue. Pretty cool, huh?

No, you don't get paid for your appearance/talk, but you're doing something that's bigger than that. These kids are the next generation of adults, and this is just one more way you can pay it forward. Your compensation? Knowing you made a difference and helped educate the youth of today, to make more knowledgeable adults tomorrow.

It's not just for authors! It's for anyone with knowledge of a topic.

How it works:
You use your computer's built-in camera and mic, and you sit down and talk. If you've ever had a Skype session with anyone, you'll understand the process. Log in to Nepris on the day of your session and get to talking. The teacher who sets up the meeting will have the ability to communicate with you on the Nepris platform prior, so he or she can ask any questions and help you prepare. Easy peasy!

What you can do to get involved:
Go to the Nepris homepage here and sign up (it's FREE).
Create a profile, add your expertise, and search for a requested session (there are a TON).
Like the Nepris Facebook page here.
Follow Nepris on Twitter here.

I do hope you'll all take part in this amazing venture.

Did you know about this website? Did you join?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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