Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Surprise! A New Collaborative from the Authors of Fractured Glass

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Boy, do I have some news for you. I hope you have your knickers on, because this announcement is a big one. Ready? Grab your cup of Jo and let's get going.

If you remember Fractured Glass, it's one novel with five sections written by five different authors. Yeah, we told a complete story, each of us writing 20k then passing it off to the others for further storytelling.

This title won't be done that way. No, I'm not giving you spoilers and telling you what we're doing. What I can tell you is this:
  • Nothing like this has ever been done before. We're flipping things once again.
  • We'll all be sticking to one genre (Paranormal Fiction), but we're changing the construct of the story and the definition of collaborative fiction once again.
  • Yes, I'm teasing you. I want to know if you're intrigued.
  • We met, once again, at Utopia this past June, to hash out this title and nail down the plot and specifics.
  • Our character bios are complete.
  • There have been many words written already.
  • A blurb is coming with the cover reveal in October.
I bet you want to know the working title, huh? Well, here it is:

On Amazon, it'll be titled 7. Is it vague? Yes. This story is meant to keep you guessing until the end. Even we don't know what will happen once our characters come full circle.

What do you think? Have any guesses?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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