Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cover Reveal - Angel of Whispers

    ***COVER REVEAL***

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Finding true love. Mastering angelic genes. Enjoying vampire life.
Pure bliss.
Or so Jade thought, until vampire high council member Lobelia Glasston upturns Jade and Shane’s happy ending sending it crashing down around them.
Shane is forbidden by vampire law to love Jade.
Lobelia knows Jade is different, a supernatural weapon, however she is missing a few crucial details like the fact that she is a vampire angel hybrid. Will she break them down? Condemn their love?
Shane and Jade fight to keep her hybrid secret, will it be enough? Keeping their romantic involvement under wraps is one thing, but attempting to expose a mass genocidal killer hell bent on destroying the kingdom that Shane has built may prove to much. Will their love crumple under the oppressive eyes of the council?
Will Shane fall prey to the emotionally manipulative Lobelia?
Will they catch the masochist before one of their loved ones is caught in the cross fire?
Or will it all end in blood.


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