Friday, January 26, 2018

Fun Fact Friday - a "Did You Know?" Post

Happy Fridaaaaaay! Who's ready for the weekend? I promise you, I am. It's been a long week, eh? You're gonna LOVE the information I found for you today! I'm going to hit this up next week with a test drive, and I'll be posting a "How-to" on it! Ready to know what it is? Grab your coffee, or tea, and let's get rolling!

May I introduce:


Some of you may already be aware of this feature, but I'm guessing most of you aren't. So, let's take a gander at how Amazon says it should work, shall we?

From your bookshelf (if you don't remember what that is, go read this post I did on KDP publishing), click on the ... next to the title you'd like to add X-ray to.

Oh, wait. Let's back up a bit.

What is X-ray?

It's a feature that allows readers to long-press a word in your Kindle book to read more about it. Could be a character's name or location. A word that's not commonly used so you can provide a definition. Anything.

Pretty cool, right? Okay, let's move on!

Here's the ... flyout:

You can see where it says "Launch X-Ray." That's where you'll go when you're ready to get this going. I'm not clicking it right now, but I will when I check it out next week. Likely on Yassa since that one has the most options for historical references.

From the information page, it says you can add links to Wiki articles or add text, but you can't add links to other websites or marketing avenues. Keep that in mind.

I'm looking forward to checking it out! How about you?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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