Monday, April 16, 2012

Abigale On Fire

Work has begun on The Abigale Chronicles - Book 1 and I couldn't be more pleased. I am up to chapter 7 already and cracking it out like my brain and fingers are on fire.

I made some decisions and just began writing. Her story is flowing so well, I'm scaring myself a little. It feels a little like my writing has gone to a whole different level since finishing Yassa and I am very pleased.

For all the authors out there, have you ever had that epiphany where you realize that you can do it? Where all your stars seem to align and you feel like your dreams have finally been recognized by your muse?

I have a deep love of photography, art, and literature. I recognize these things within myself and know that, as long as I embrace them, I will find contentedness within myself.

I have to take a moment here and thank my boyfriend. If any of you have someone in your life like him, you will understand what I am about to say. If you don't, I'm very sorry.

To the Love of My Life:

You encouraged me when I needed it most and refused to let me give up on myself; even when I thought there was no way I could ever finish. Thank you. You were there and drove my passion and gave me a reason to push forward. Thank you. You offered help constantly and pushed me to limits I didn't realize I could breach while providing me comfort and a pair of arms to make me feel secure. Thank you. You provided support, love, and were a constant reminder that I could do it. Thank you. Thank you for being the man you are and for loving me so much. I could never have done it without you. Thank you.

I hope you all keep following this blog for updates on Abigale and her frienemy, Emmett. I know I said I would be linking to the new blog from this one, but I'm not sure I'll be doing a different blog for the new series. We'll see.

Time to go and write!!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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