Thursday, April 26, 2012

Player, Yassa, The Abigale Chronicles - In Earnest

With The Abigale Chronicles - Book One published, it's time to continue work on Player. I'm very excited about it because it holds what we all know but are afraid sometimes to write: the truth.

I am following the mantra of Stephen King and writing about what I know. I knew the characters in Yassa almost as well as I know myself. If there are fractions of me here and there in them, then I achieved my goal. I have written my synopsis of Yassa and am presenting it to you now. My cover will be option 3 (the one with the cherry tree on it) and you'll get a good sense of the book by combining the imagery with the synopsis.

Without further ado:


In ancient Mongolia there lived two great and ferocious men who became fast friends at the hands of slavers and pledged to be brothers in life. When one of the men sees the wife of the other and falls madly in love, what ensues is the greatest recorded rivalry of all time. Bound by Yassa law, young Temujin is torn when the time comes to make the ultimate decision: Kill his best friend and brother in life for the dishonor of coveting the precious and beautiful Borte, or break the law Temujin wrote himself and show mercy. But is the beautiful Borte in love with Temujin's best friend, Jamuka, or is she faithful to her husband through all of the obstacles thrown in their way; even his infidelity? When Temujin is named Khan, changes his name to Genghis, and becomes drunk with power, what will happen to the love he has so carefully nurtured for his wife?

Find the answer in the book!! Due out in June!

I hope you are all enjoying this blog and accompanying me on my journey through the wide world of self publishing!

Don't forget to leave a comment here or send me a message via Twitter to get your coupon code for a FREE copy of The Abigale Chronicles - Book One. Remember, it's a Young Reader's chapter book with a lot of suspense so if you know a child that loves to read, this is the book for them!! This offer is only good until May 2, 2012, so get your copy today!!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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