Monday, April 9, 2012

Almost There!

I have but FOUR chapters left!!

I will then place my manuscript in a drawer for a month and forget I wrote it.

I need to feel like I am coming home to an old friend when I edit but I am still on track for an early June release on NOOK and an early August release on Kindle. I plan to begin the cover art work next month as well. I wish I could snap my fingers and finish it but I know that would be cheating and I NEED to put in the time and effort to reap maximum benefits. After all, how many people in this world have written 400 pages of ANYthing in their lifetime? Not many.

I have consumed books numbering well into the tens of thousands over my lifetime. I am hoping that readers like myself pick up my book and delve between the pages only to get lost and have to scratch their way back out. This story is a mighty adventure.

Back to the keyboard!! Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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