Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yippie Ki Yay!

After a weekend of laying on the beach in Florida with the love of my life, I have SO much more in my stash of wonderful things to use in my writings.

Smells, experiences, and tastes are all slamming around inside my head. I am eager to work on my journal of experiences so I'll have something to pull from later with no need to rely on memory alone. While my memory is great now, I don't know if it'll be so great in 20 years.

I posted a while back on reasons for keeping a journal like that when I wrote Write What You Know. I had never been to lay on a beach in Florida or ridden on/driven a Waverunner before this past weekend and the experience left me with a lot of impressions.

1. Waverunners slam into the water when you hit bumps and it feels like your bones are being smashed together.
2. Seafood tastes very different when you eat it near the water it came out of. There's more of a taste of the ocean and not so much a metallic taste or a blandness that comes from being in a can or being frozen and shipped inland.
3. Jumping into a swimming pool after swimming in salt water makes you feel heavier, like you strapped rocks on your feet.
4. There is no sight quite like sand dunes projecting from the ocean while a breeze teases your face to put you totally at ease.
5. Mother nature ROCKS.

I have also discovered that I love the smell of the sea. I don't know if that stems from growing up in Louisiana or from something that is lodged deeper within myself but I know I'm gonna try to figure it out.

My new series titled Mystic has a character from Florida in it. I am very grateful for the experience this weekend brought to my writing.

Remember to get your copy of The Abigale Chronicles - Book One by following either of the links at the top of this blog. Yassa is due out in just ONE week!! BE EXCITED! You've never heard a story like this one!!

That's all for today. Tomorrow, we will discuss something deeper.

Until next time, WRITE ON!!!


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