Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Working on a Novel is Like...?

What can compare to working on a novel? Digging your way out of sand when you are buried up to your neck and the only way out is grain by grain? How about swimming in a sea of spaghetti that pushes you backward one stroke for every two you make?

Some days, that is EXACTLY what working on a  novel feels like.

Then why do we write? Well...

We write because on other days, we are allowed to fly and the freedom our writing gives us on those days is worth one hundred days in the muck. It feels like nothing else in the world to know you have written a compelling story. Most of us just want to share that story with others and allow them a peek inside something they never thought possible. Writers always think of the possible and the impossible and figure out a way to turn it into prose.

When you read someone's book, you get a look inside a whole other realm of possibility. Books can change the way people think. Books can inform. Hell, books can even inspire other books. There is a very good reason that they say the pen is mightier than the sword. Sure the sword WON the battle, but the pen is what made it necessary in the first place. People who went to war or revolted because of words on a page were opened up to injustice that they might never have seen if not for a writer taking the time to put them on paper.

Writing is like breathing to an author. We walk around with our head in the clouds sometimes - okay, OFTEN - but we are usually very charismatic people who LOVE life and see it just a little bit differently than other people. If we couldn't write, we would suffocate and be miserable - even if we had everything else one could want. It is a part of who we are.

But those days when writing a novel is like digging yourself out of that damned sand are the days we doubt ourselves.

A call to action:

Go leave a review on your FAVORITE book by your FAVORITE LIVING author today. Give them their wings so they can give you that next great story.

What do you writers say working on a novel is like? Good days and bad days?

Time to go and get to work myself!!

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Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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