Friday, September 6, 2013

Writing Prompts and Exercises PLUS a Kindle Fire Giveaway

Happy Friday, good people of the blogosphere! Using the information we went over this week, I'm giving you some writing prompts to help you flex your muscles. These may seem a little weird, but go with it, okay? Grab those pens and notebooks and let's get going!

Today, I'm encouraging you to be a:

That's right; don't plan anything out with these prompts. Just write. Make your goal at least one page of words for each prompt.

  • Betty and Mark are having an argument which you're involved in. If you're a male, you've slept with Betty behind Mark's back. If you're a female, use it the other way around. Keep it in first person, present tense. By the end of the scene, I want to know how it happened and why your friendship is (was) so deep with the other person. **RESTRICTION** Don't describe their specific appearance. No details on what they're wearing or what they look like.

  • Angela is speaking to you, the writer. Let her tell you what you're going to do tomorrow. Set the scene in first person, future tense. You decide on the setting. **RESTRICTION** She can't be a fortune teller or a psychic.

  • A burglar is breaking into a house. Your reader is the thief. Write this in second person, past tense. By the end of the scene, I want to know why your thief decided to become a criminal and what their worries were as they did it. Describe the house and the things they're stealing. I want to know why they chose the items they did. **RESTRICTION** They aren't allowed to rob anyone who's wealthy.

  • Steve stepped into a time machine. He's going back in the past to right a wrong. You decide on the relationship between Steve and the person he's protecting/saving with his actions. Write this in third person limited, past tense. By the end of the scene, I want to know everything he experienced/thought as he rode in that machine. **RESTRICTION** You can't use someone Steve knows and I don't want to know anything that happened after he arrives at the location. This is about why he's doing it and for whom.

  • You're watching a group of kids on the playground, fighting. You're an observer and have no dog in the fight. Let's see third person omniscient in present tense. By the end of the scene, I should know what the fight was about, what every character is thinking/feeling, and everything they see/do for at least ten minutes. **RESTRICTION** One of the characters must be disabled in some major way. This character must end up as the hero/winner, and I must feel something for him/her.

I hope this gives you all something to do over the weekend. Remember, have fun with it.

As an aside, if you would like a shot at winning a Kindle Fire and a ton of books to go along with it, click this link and head on over to the rafflecopter form:

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Great writing prompt, very creative and thanks for the giveaway link!

  2. Ha, I don't need to pretend I'm a pantser. I am one, 100% pure and natural. Thanks for posting the giveaway! Once again your generosity is so appreciated.

    1. Pantsing is the only way to go ;) You're welcome, Alana. I share what I can, when and where I can.

  3. Love this... I've been needing to get my muse excited again! Thanks for rooting for writers and giving them the tricks they need to succeed! I'm sharing a couple of your posts on my post tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for the shares, Tia! That post was awesome. I love my fellow writers and try to help as much as humanly possible. I wish I were superhuman! More on that later... ;)


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