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Mystic~Melody Official Release Day

Happy Tuesday, blogospherians! Today is the official release day for Melody, book four of the Mystic series. I have some goodies for you all today! Get your clickin' finger ready. I'm gonna start off by giving you the cover, synopsis, and an excerpt (something I never do). Then, we'll get to the fun stuff! Ready? Let's go!

Title: Mystic ~ Melody (book four)
Author: Jo Michaels
Genre: New Adult Paranormal
Length: 120 printed pages
Amazon (Kindle): $3.99
Paperback: $8.99

Melody Acworth sounds like an angel. If she's not careful, she'll become one soon. Enrolled in singing lessons at age seven, she took to the stage and began to get fan letters. Some were good, some were detrimental to her psyche.

When Melody sees magazines laden with beautiful girls, she begins to look at herself in the mirror and think she should look more like them. Her mind takes the cruel letters to a dark place and she stops eating altogether. Before long, she's in the clutches of death.

By the time Markaza, a mystic with purple hair and tattoos, shows up, Melody's on her last legs. It's either eat or die. Markaza works furiously to try and repair the mental damage done so she can get Melody to New York; where she must learn to use a power hidden deep within herself to save the world.

They're running out of time. As December 21, 2012 approaches at an alarming rate, Markaza's visions turn dark and foreboding. The creature grows stronger every day. Soon it will rise and destroy mankind unless all six women band together to fight it.

Melody must be saved or the world will be destroyed.

Now, an excerpt!


Markaza leaned forward and put a hand on Melody’s knee. “I’m sorry that happened. I can only imagine how crushed you must’ve been.”
“It was horrible. The look in her eyes scared me more than anything. I still don’t know why that watch shattered.”
“To teach her a lesson.” Markaza’s voice took on a vicious edge. “Tell me about the letter.”
Melody chewed her lip. “What letter?”
“Don’t play dumb. The one you mentioned earlier.”
They locked eyes, and Melody felt like the information was being pulled right out. With a shaky hand, she reached into her back pocket and produced the worn paper. As she passed it over, she realized she must’ve folded it back up and replaced it after her run automatically. She shook her head.
As Markaza read the words on the page, her face contorted and her nostrils flared. When she slapped it down on her knee and curled her fingers into claws, Melody thought the girl was about to punch something.
“Who sent this to you?”
“I don’t know. It isn’t signed and the envelope didn’t have a return address.”
Markaza’s eyes roamed up and down Melody’s body. “Is this the reason you’ve done that to yourself?”
Saying nothing, Melody turned her head and peered out the window. She felt her stomach tighten so hard it made her toes curl.
They rode the rest of the way in silence.
When they arrived, Melody ushered her new friend straight upstairs from the foyer. There was no way Mom could find out the girl was there. Mom would flip out, and there was no telling what Markaza would do; she looked dangerous.
Melody pushed through the door, closed it, and turned the lock. She figured she was eighteen and there was no reason she couldn’t lock her door. Besides, if all went well, she’d be gone soon anyway. No locked doors was a bullshit rule.
Markaza was standing stock-still, staring at something.
“What?” Melody asked.
“You have a poster of Lily Conyers on your wall.” Markaza gestured to the huge ad taking up half the wall by the bed.
“Yeah? So?”
“She works for WSTW now.”
Melody’s mouth dropped open and she squealed. “Really? Do you think I could meet her if I go to work for them? I just love her! She’s sooooo beautiful!”
“You know what? I think that’s a pretty good idea. But you’re gonna have to work really hard to get well if you ever want to meet Lily. She’s pretty popular, you know.” Markaza was grinning, but it didn’t look like a happy smile.
Wolfish was the only word Melody could think of to describe it. A shiver ran up her spine. “So, umm, what do I need to take with me?”
“Just what matters most; things that can’t be replaced at a store. Don’t worry about a lot of clothes or shoes,” Markaza answered.
Melody opened a small suitcase on the bed and began throwing things into it. Most of what she decided to take had sentimental value rather than monetary: an old pocket-sized photo album, some jewelry she’d gotten as gifts from special people, a few outfits, and two pair of shoes.
A shaking of the door handle followed by a knock reverberated through the room, and Melody froze mid-stride.
“Melody? You better unlock this damned door right now!” Debra’s voice floated through the room, and her daughter moved toward the door as though pulled by some invisible force.
Markaza stepped forward and blocked the path. “Tell her you’ll be down in a minute.”
“I can’t. She’ll be so pissed!” Melody whispered. After a moment of silence, she relented. “I’ll be down in a minute, Mom.”
“No. You’ll open the door this very instant!”
Heat filled Melody’s body as her voice rose. “No! I’m not a baby. You’re done treating me like one! I said I’ll be down in a minute, and that’s what I mean.” She was trembling from head to toe; but, somehow, Markaza’s presence was providing strength.
“I’m calling your father!”
Melody groaned and put her head in her hands. “Now I’ve done it.”
Markaza grabbed the girl’s trembling arms. “Stop it. She won’t hurt you with me here. Get your stuff and let’s go.”
Now, on to the fun stuff!
First, there's a giveaway for four printed, signed copies going on over at Goodreads. You can enter here:

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While you're here, don't forget to check out the guest post from M.R. Polish that went live yesterday.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Happy release day! Can't wait to read this one, as you can probably guess reading stories about eating disorders gets me very emotional

    1. Thanks, Heather! It was a booger to write but I'm totally happy with the way it fleshed out. :)

  2. Congrats. Loved this one, and I can't wait to read all the rest. Sharing!

    1. Thanks, Tia! I'm glad you loved it. That alone was worth writing it :)

  3. One of my cousins had anorexia. Fortunately, she survived to adulthood. What a terrible impact it had on her, and her family/loved ones, though. Horrible. I'm entering and tweeting.

    1. It's a horrible, life-threatening disease and my hope is I showed it in a light so people take it as such. Thanks for the comment, Alana! :)


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