Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Funday - Part 3

Happy Friday, everyone! Because these posts have gone over so well, I'm bringing you another awesome post about things you can do with your family to keep your writer brain engaged and still have a ton of fun. I enjoy weekends with my husband and kids, and I love anything that lets me do that while keeping my creative side going. My first post was about free games you can play, the second was about word board games, and this one will be about getting to know those around you while creating new storylines or characters. Ready? Grab your pens and notebooks and let's get going!

Game #1 - Whodoneit? For four players (if more, increase the numbers accordingly)
Write down three personality types on tiny pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Write down killer, not killer, and not killer on three more. Put those in a hat. Have each person write down a motive for murder and put those in a hat. Have each person choose one slip of paper from each pile. Play detective and interview each participant. Make notes of their quirks, how they speak, and their body language while you try to solve the crime. Not only will this keep you all rolling on the floor laughing, you're getting some great research done!

Game #2 - Interview with the...? For two or more players
Dress up like an interviewer. Grab a clipboard, paper, and pen. Have the other player(s) write down on a sliver of paper one paranormal creature. They'll need to keep these slips in their pocket, so make sure they're small pieces of paper. Don't cheat and look. Now, you have to ask questions of the person to try and determine what paranormal creature they are. When you win, swap places. Reason for the piece of paper? So they can't change their mind halfway through and mislead you. *grin* This game can also be played with super powers. On your notepad, be sure you're writing down how vague you can be when identifying a creature. This will help you in your writing. You'll learn quirks, habits, and body language.

Game #3 - Fear This! For four or more players
Grab some paper and pens. Sit down with the other players in a circle. Round 1: Have each person tell about a scary incident that happened to them. Write down the key phrases they use as description. Try and psychoanalyze what's on the page. Ask questions about how things could've been done differently and what the possible outcome of those actions may have been. You can use fictional situations, but you won't get as visceral a reaction. Whoever comes up with the most alternative directions for the scenario, wins round 1. That person gets to throw out a scenario first in round 2. Now, for round 2: All players close their eyes except the winner of round 1. That person asks the others, one by one, to describe an encounter with something (spider, cockroach, creepy zombie, etc...). When they're done, everyone but the asker rates the story from 1-5. Tallys are kept by the asker. Winner of this round moves into sudden death with winner of round 1. Sudden Death: Round 1 winner must step out of the room. Round 2 winner will then spin a tale of what they believe it would be like to die. Answer is rated by remaining players (1-10) and round 1 winner is then allowed to return and do the same. Person with the highest score wins. I'm sure you can guess how this helps your writing.

Game #4 - Make Me Laugh! For two or more players
You're all familiar with the old game show, right? Same idea. Only you need to have a tape recorder or video recorder on. This will give you funny sayings, facial expressions, and other fodder to use in your books.

What do you think? Will you use any of these?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Very fun ideas! I especially love the last one since my kids are still a little young for the other activities. Have a super weekend =)

    1. You'd be surprised how well small children can act o.O lol! Thanks for the comment, Heather! You so rock!


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