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Author Interview - Sharon Rose Mayes

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today, I bring you another author interview from the fab ladies of UtopYA Con. If you don't have tickets to the event, don't worry, there'll be a new chance to jump on board November 28th. You need to bookmark the UtopYA website here so you can get yours. So, without any further blabbing on my part, I introduce to you Ms. Sharon Rose Mayes! Put your hands together, grab a cup of coffee, and let's get going!

Jo: It’s great to have you on the blog, Sharon! You were a complete anomaly to me before I began my stalking *ahem* research of you and your books. Ready to see what I managed to find out?

Sharon: Well if we have to, thank goodness social media wasn’t around when I was young.

Jo: Right? *grin* (Let’s get going! I see you’ve read (or are reading) the book On Writing by Stephen King. What did you learn from that little novel and how are you applying the lessons to your writing?

Sharon: To write for myself, and then worry about everyone else later.

Jo: What a hard lesson for any writer to learn. You’re a roller derby gal, eh? What team do you skate for, where can we see more, and do you use any of those experiences in your writing?

Sharon: I currently do not have a team, and am doing a rec league right now. Though in the future I really would like to be on a team. I need a derby name, does anyone have any ideas?

Jo: That's a great idea for a little contest! You should totally run with it. What’s the most interesting thing about living in Lufkin, Texas? I’m from Lake Charles, Louisiana, so I know exactly the area you live in. *waves to ex-neighbor* Where would you most like to visit?

Sharon: We are having a lot of growth and getting a lot of new quirky locally owned places. It’s growing and while I love Houston and would love to live there my boys go to a good school and I am not wanting to move. I was a literature minor in college and I would love to visit London and stalk some of the stomping grounds of some of my favorite Victorian poets and writers.

Jo: I've always wanted to visit Stratford on Avon. Can you say "Road Trip" for the literature lovers? *grin* Where did the idea for your blog come from? Why did you start it? What are your plans for it?

Sharon: I first started blogging back in the day as a scrapbooker, and have evolved from there into the mom blogosphere.

Jo: A blog on scrapbooking? Cool! I heard you’re going to school. What’s your major and have you had any experiences you plan to write about?

Sharon: My current major is creative writing with a minor in literature, even though I feel held back by Spanish classes. I live in Texas so you would think it would be a little bit easier, but seriously No, habla espanol.

Jo: I'm rolling on the floor laughing. Totally feeling you, though my bane was French. Your cats are soooo cute! How did you come by them and what are their names?

Sharon: I have three Miss Peaches who my kids had snuck home from my mothers, and she ended up being my princess, but don’t let her cuteness fool you she is one tough kitty. The other two were actually Miss Peaches’ own kittens from the one time she got out while in heat. She only had two so of course I had to keep Sookie and Riddick. And yep Sookie is name after the main character from the Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Jo: Wow. Great kitty names! Riddick *grin* Talk to me about your vlog on YouTube. What got you started, and how do you feel it’s helped you with your writing career?

Sharon: Sometimes I get long winded and my kids so not want me to listen to me so I have taken it to YouTube. I wouldn’t say it has helped me with my writing, but I hope it can bring some attention to it.

Jo: Anything new is awesome. Rapid fire question time! Good or bad?

Sharon: Bad! So, So Bad!

Jo: Long hair or short?

Sharon: Long!

Jo: Black or white?

Sharon: Black!

Jo: Time travel question! If you could change one thing you did in your life, what would it be? What do you think the result of that change might be?

Sharon: Definitely finish college sooner!

Jo: I'm on board with that one, too. You’re in a collection of books with a very good friend of mine, Carlyle Labuschagne, titled Certain. Tell my readers a little bit about it?

Sharon: It is a collection of short stories that are related to books that we have released. For example mine takes place before Blood Pact.

Jo: Cool. I need to check that one out. Why did you decide to jump the genre into New Adult under the name S. R. Mayes? Has it done anything for your career you’d like to share?

Sharon: I wouldn’t say it has done anything yet, it was something I did for fun. But of course kept from my mom. *wink*

Jo: Oh my... We'll you're out of the closet now. *evil laugh* Well, I think I’ve probably freaked you out enough for one day. *grin* Is there anything I didn’t ask that you wish I had?

Sharon: I loved the questions! Thank you so much for having me!

Jo: Thanks again for taking part in the madness, Sharon! I can’t wait to meet you at UtopYA 2015!

Now, it’s time to reveal the featured book of the week!

Title: Blood Pact
Author: Sharon Rose Mayes
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Length (print): 190 pages
Buy links: Amazon Kindle Free  ~   Barnes and Noble Nook Free  ~  Smashwords Free

Riley Spencer has spent most of her life doing what is normal for her: attending school, spending time with her mother, and training to hunt vampires. It was how she grew up as part of the organization and when Nick comes to town and joins her team everything changes. Now Riley and the rest of her team begin to question everything they have learned about vampires and the organization that trained them to hunt the vampires that hide in the world.

While your fingers are in the clicking mode, why not give this lovely lady a follow on every social media platform I could think of when writing up the template for these interviews?

Twitter: @sharonrose
Facebook: Sharon Rose Mayes
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Website: Sharon Rose Mayes

If you have any questions for Sharon, pop them into the comments below!

Well, that’s all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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