Friday, November 28, 2014

Fractured Glass Preorder Available NOW - Plus UtopYA Con 2015 Tickets on Sale

How amazing is it that it's Black Friday already? Happy shopping, everyone! Guess what's available for you to buy? *grin* Sit on back, relax, and let's get to it.

I can't help but think how amazingly appropriate it is that pre-orders for Fractured Glass and tickets to UtopYA Con 2015 go on sale the same day.


Because the ladies I wrote Fractured Glass with (Tia Silverthorne Bach, Casey L. Bond, Kelly Risser, and N. L. Greene) attended UtopYA in 2014, and will return in 2015. Our novel was conceived at the con, and we're so freaking excited to be bringing it into the world at last.


Fractured Glass is a YA Sci-Fi Novel Anthology unlike any other. It was written by 5 different authors who came together to give you 1 amazing story.

 Blurb - 

What if other worlds existed alongside your own? What if you could travel through them and truly escape reality?


Sloan and Harley Glass were born moments apart; but, despite their differences, the sixteen-year-old twins couldn’t be closer. They’ve held their tongues each and every time their mother has uprooted them—often moving across the country with little notice. They’ve learned to accept change. But what is Mom running from?


They discover they’re travelers—half-descendants of those who can traverse an entire universe of parallel worlds known as fractals. When the past catches up, Harley is kidnapped and taken to one of those distant worlds. Now, Sloan must garner her courage and find a way to rescue her sister. Traversing the worlds isn’t the hard part; it’s surviving the elements and the creatures lying in wait to destroy everything in their path.

Will the Glass sisters be able to save the fractal worlds from the kidnapper, or will everything fracture and crumble around them?

Pre-Order Link

~ Amazon

Find the authors' Facebook pages here...

Jo Michaels ~ Tia Silverthorne Bach ~ Casey L. Bond ~ Kelly Risser ~ N.L. Greene

 Get to know the characters...

Sloan and Harley Glass

Harley and Sloan Glass are sixteen-year-old twin sisters with the ability to traverse what are known as fractals. Harley is a soccer player and loves dancing, hanging with her sister, and running. Sloan plays guitar and enjoys school, her mother, and reading books. Both girls are excellent students and are home schooled.

Are you excited about this YA novel anthology yet?? Well, here's the link again:

Pre-order it, and you'll get it delivered to your device automatically the day before Christmas!

What else can you get today?

Grab them via the link above. It'll take you to the Eventbrite page.

You deserve these gifts. Get them for yourself.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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