Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blog Spotlight #1 - BookSmacked

Happy Thursday, good people of the blogosphere! Today, I have my first Indie-friendly book blog of 2016 to share with you. Read on and ENJOY!




Hi, I'm Melissa, but most people call me Mel. I am from Canada and with my husband whom I married a year ago but have been with for 8 years. A huge hockey and football fan, I have tons of useless sports statistics stored in my brain. I'm a speed reader, often reading a full book in a matter of hours. If I really enjoy a book I will read it 4, 5, or a dozen times.


So my story of how BookSmacked became a reality. Pretty simple really. I love books, and when I read a book that I absolutely love, I wanted someone to talk to about it and share my excitement with. So, I joined an online book club. Through that book club I met some wonderful people, who I now call my friends, and some of those friends were bloggers. I discovered this online world of authors, readers, bloggers, and book pimpers and said I want to be a part of it.


So, I joined a street team to help promote indie authors, and from there I took it one step further and started BookSmacked. A blog that can be used for Readers, Authors, Bloggers, Pimpers to share their love of books.

Booksmacked Blog

I hope you come for a visit, interact and share your love of books with me.

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I hope you all gave her blog a follow and checked out her links!

What do you think of this feature? Let me know in the comments.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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