Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chapter 8 is Underway

Chapter 8 is now well underway. It's odd, but this story is now writing itself. My protagonist is having a time of it. His dreams keep giving him warnings of the future but he is having a hard time deciphering what they truly mean. Symbolism is running rampant.

Did you know that Temujin/Genghis believed he spoke to God? With everything he accomplished in his life, that might just be believable, eh?

I like twists and turns thrown in here and there where a good story is concerned and since I don't need ALL of the details (because this is mostly fiction from my own head) it's fun to write and let my imagination run rampant.

In my opinion, excellent fiction always has some link to reality. While some of the characters are real people, and most of the relationships are true, it's what your imagination can do with what's left out that makes all the difference.

Let's take JFK as an example. We all know he was shot. We all assume his assassin was captured. However, conspiracy theorist say LHO was a patsy. Now what IF it wasn't LHO at all? What if LHO was an alien and so was JFK? What if JFK was a rogue alien who was too much in the public eye and needed to be silenced?

Let's say that JFK was an alien enemy and LHO was his best friend and the only person other than JFK who knew the truth. LHO was then not trying to kill Kennedy, but was trying to kill the aliens plotting to kill JFK. LHO just missed his target because he was afraid to shoot innocent people an couldn't tell who the aliens were until it was too late. Now you have something to write about!!

Stories are all around us every day. You just have to be willing to take the leap and write about what you can IMAGINE the story to be from the missing or suspect information.

Well, I am off to allow my fingers to tell more about the greatest love story of all time.

Until next time, Write On!


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