Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome to Yassa Book 2012's Blog!

Welcome to the blog that is all about the book! Yassa. My name is Jo Michaels and I am the author of this whirlwind love story. Here I will update folks on the progress of the book and what sort of walls I come across. I may also write about how I move past certain obstacles that end up in my way for one reason or another. I have an elite team of readers providing me with feedback on a weekly basis and hope to find a fantastic editor sometime in the future.

I fully intend to do the artwork and typesetting for the entire publication myself. Publication date will be set at a later time but I am fully scheduled for a late April/early June release (digitally). Check back here often for excerpts from the book and to keep abreast of the latest feedback from my glorious readers.

I am going to start you all off with a bit of a teaser. Here are the first two paragraphs of the book:

            He screamed, louder this time, as Temujin cut off another one of his fingers. I involuntarily flexed my own in response to the act. I had never seen a man fight like my friend had last night. It was like something other than his own mind was working his muscles, causing him to strike and slash like a harbinger of death. It made me appreciate that I had made a friend of him and not an enemy. When he began to peel back the man’s skin from his body, I almost vomited. I took a few steps away and turned my head.
            We had snuck into the Merkit’s camp under the cover of darkness and took them by surprise. There was little fighting. Temujin had been given 20,000 soldiers by the great Wang Khan, leader of the Kerait tribe, in order to decimate the Merkits. Temujin did so with excellent war tactics, stealth, and swiftness. Wang Khan came to watch. I believe it was so he can use Temujin as a weapon of war. After our escape from slavery, Temujin has proven himself a mighty warrior with a very steadfast composure. If the legends are true and he was born grasping a blood clot, a sign one is destined for something very great, he would be a mighty weapon in anyone’s arsenal. Wang Khan has recognized this and, I believe, is cultivating it for his own gain.

If you like what you have read here, make sure and mark your calendars, nook readers!! More is coming soon!

Write on!

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