Monday, January 23, 2012

Cruising Right Along

Well, chapter 10 is complete! I promised you a list of the chapter titles thus far and I am delivering on that promise today.

Chapter 1 - The Business of Wives
Chapter 2 - Of Plots and Abandonment
Chapter 3 - Metamorphosis
Chapter 4 - I Run, I Hide, I Die
Chapter 5 - Slaves
Chapter 6 - Escape
Chapter 7 - It's Me Again
Chapter 8 - Training
Chapter 9 - Marriage
Chapter 10 - Bloodlust
Chapter 11 - To War

That's all I have written/started so far. When we get to the part about revenge, there will be much bloodshed in the honor of love and retribution. I am so in tune with Temujin right now, I feel his anger and desire revenge as much as he does.

I hope everyone reading this blog will be looking forward to the resulting book. I am almost halfway there and the story took over. A minor character had the nerve to walk in and make himself a major character without my permission but he adds a certain something to the story line and could not be denied his desired status.

I am falling in love with each of my characters and when I kill them, it will hurt. You'll understand why when you meet them.

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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