Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unbelievable! Chapter 9!

I have completed Chapter 9! It has all the components of a truly thrilling chapter: Love, Loss, Sex, Arguments, and Rage.

This poor couple just needs to be left alone so they can finally be together! There have been so many things that have come between them. I may give them a whole chapter dedicated to loving one another. Then again, what fun would that be?

I may give a short list of chapter titles here soon so you can get an idea of how the story flows.

A problem that I am experiencing is, I am living through my characters, in my story. I am filled with loss when a loved one dies, filled with love when they share kisses, and filled with anger when they want to kill. I don't know how to shake it after I stop writing for the day but maybe this is the basis of excellent writing. I cried for a full hour last night because of the end of Chapter 9.

I wonder how many other writers have this same crux to work through and how they do it. Do you give in to it and allow it to consume you or do you have a way to get your head out of your book and back into reality?

Just being 34 years old, I have probably only read a few thousand books in my lifetime, but I constantly find myself being drawn into the world I am reading about and feeling what the people in the stories feel. It becomes a hard slap back to reality when the story is over but I do it over and over again. Why?

I have been lucky to find a living fairy tale in my significant other (may every woman be so lucky) and often find myself comparing my love to that of Cinderella and Prince Charming :)

Well, Chapter 10 is on the agenda for today, gotta run!!

Until next time, WRITE ON!


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