Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chapter 17 Excerpt!

Here is a short excerpt from Chapter 17. Temujin is dreaming about his future and speaking with God:

    I laughed and agreed. I could still hear Bo’orchu guffawing when I slipped into my dreams.
    I was standing on a high dais and there were people as far as I could see. They were chanting a name that I could not understand. I felt movement to my left and when I glanced over, I recognized the face of God.
    He spoke, “Temujin, this is what you will control when you are done. Look well, my son, and see how powerful you are.”
    I peered out over the crowds of my people and saw that they went for many kilometers in every direction.
    I asked, “All of this is mine to rule?”
    “Yes. You will be the mightiest Khan to ever rule in Mongolia. You will even overthrow China. All of these people will look to you for guidance and care. It is a great responsibility but I believe you can do it without a second thought.”
    I was awestruck by the enormity of the task and felt the weight of my nation on my shoulders. I asked, “What if I fail?”
    He chuckled and answered, “You will not fail. I chose you because you are the only one who can succeed. Beware of Jamuka; his heart has been injured by your actions and he will try to kill you, believing that you are out to kill him. Show kindness and compassion for those that are misunderstood or weaker than you and always remember that I will guide your hand.”
    “I understand. I have much to accomplish. May I ask you a question?”
    “You just did.”
    “Yes, sir, I did. I am sorry. I will just ask the one I want the answer to. What name are they chanting below?”
    “Genghis. You will be Genghis Khan. It means supreme conqueror.”
    “Ah. Thank you.”
    “You are welcome. Remember what I said and you will prosper.”

    I woke with a smile on my face and thoughts of Jamuka in my head. It hurt that my anda was trying to kill me but I understood his motivations. My Börte was not a prize to be won but I supposed he would just try to kill me so he could take her for his own. He would be surprised when she did not want him.

And, a surprise excerpt from Chapter 18, which was completed yesterday:

    I was sleeping in my tent one night when a great commotion arose not far away. I stood up so quickly, I managed to tangle myself up in the fabric and ropes and fell with a mighty crash to the ground. I cursed, slowly extracted myself from the mess, and hurried over to see what the noise was about.
    I found Temuge locked in a struggle with another man that I did not recognize and hurried over to help restrain him. After we had him tied, Temuge began to ask him questions about who he was and what he was doing sneaking around the camp at night, peeking in tents.
    I took a seat nearby and listened and watched; noticing that the man never took his eyes off of me and never said a word.
    Finally, when Temuge was tired of talking and getting no responses, he flung himself to the ground near me and heaved a great sigh.
    “He won’t talk, brother. What do I do now?”
    I smiled at him and patted him on the shoulder before rising and stepping over to the man and leaning down close to his ear.
    I said, “Are you working for Senggum?”
    I heard a sharp intake of breath and I smiled.
    “Yes, you are. I am going to ask you one time what his plot is. If you do not tell me, I will cut off your toes one-by-one until you can no longer stand.”
    Again, I heard the sharp intake of breath.
    “You know I will make good on my promise, don’t you? I am going to remove the rope from your mouth now and you are going to talk. Do you understand?”
    He nodded.
    I removed the rope and the man poured forth with a story that made my anger boil like a river of fire. He told me Senggum never intended to allow Wang Khan to make me a promise of marriage to my bastard son, that since our counsel six days prior, he had been poisoning the Khan’s mind to me, that he was sent out just after we left, by Senggum himself, to orchestrate my capture so that I may be ‘dealt with’ in whatever manner Senggum decided to deal with me, and that Jamuka had recently been to visit the Khan but was turned away and took counsel with Senggum instead.
    I thanked the man, put the rope back in his mouth, gave orders for Temuge to watch the new prisoner, and took a walk to ponder the information given to me.

This is all for today. I hope you enjoy it!! 9am, off to write!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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