Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Some days, it is just difficult to find the words. Once in a while, the words must be extracted like old teeth. Other days, they flow like a gentle brook over smooth stones. Occasionally, they spew out with the force of a volcanic eruption. This week, they have alternated between the first two.

I am hoping that today is a volcanic day.

Time change has screwed with my head...

I have decided that, in order to write, one must be able to shut everything but the story down. I find a problem in needing my emotions in order to write because, when I am feeling this way or that way, it tends to directly impact my ability to put one word with another but I need to feel in order to write. It is quite a conundrum and has left me puzzled as to how to accomplish a daily goal when yesterday is very different from today.


Time to look Temujin (now Genghis) in the eye and tell him to straighten the hell up or get the hell out of my book, methinks. But how to do that when he is the protagonist? Ah, such is life. Borte is speaking to me today and she sounds very wan. Jamuka is scared because he knows it won't be long before Genghis gets his hands on him. Time to even the odds a bit where those two are concerned...

I hope everyone has a HAPPY HUMP DAY!! We are headed toward the weekend!! YAY!! Time to get down to business and put my characters back in their places.

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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