Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter 19 is Almost Done!

Ahh, chapter 19! What a ride it has been!

Temujin stepped in the brown stuff big time. If he was making you angry before now, he is really going to piss you off in this chapter. He does some things that could only be justified by a madman, yet he justifies them in his head. I wanted to slap him myself.

Sometimes, Temujin just gets headstrong, won't listen to a word I say, and runs away with his emotions. He does stupid crap that puts him in precarious situations and even puts his men in danger. He is leading the story though, not me. I have to listen to him. When he wants to do something harebrained, I have to let him; to fight him would be stupid and would likely ruin the story.

Wang Khan has made an ass out of himself as well due to his son and his grand-daughter. I stick pretty close to the historical telling of events and people so if you want to know a bit about how the story progresses, here is an excellent article: Wikipedia - Genghis Khan on his life and love. I have used that and many other resources that I had access to via my college to kind of build a basic accounting from which to spin my tale. A lot of what you will read in my book is true but most of it is pure fiction - or has not been told - and just the characters are named after their historical counterparts.

Remember, I have to pretend to know these people in order to write about them and they become as real as flesh-and-blood folk for a little while.

I hope you are all enjoying this blog and the creative process being brought to life. A writer's mind is rarely quiet and I am always coming up with ideas for new books and jotting them down. Most will likely never see the light of day but keeping a record of my ideas just feels right.

A book I will suggest for anyone wanting a pull of the heartstrings:

Bill Wallace - A Dog Called Kitty

Bill is such a good writer that you simply fall in love with the little dog through both his antics, patience, and love of his boy, Ricky.

It is almost 9am. Time to get busy!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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