Friday, March 9, 2012

Relationships are Difficult

Not only in life, but also in fiction. Writing about Borte and Temujin has made me stop and analyze real relationships. I analyze my parents, my siblings, and myself. I find that they are all with their caveats and sacrifices but the good ones have one thing in common: They want to be together.

Temujin and Borte follow this rule and, despite everything that has been thrown in their path, they continue to desire one another and want the love they have together so badly, that they are willing to continue to press forward and not give up.

Temujin has his moments where he is angry with Borte, but he loves her very deeply and she shares that feeling. When he is away, she misses him and he misses her. When he is angry with her, she hurts just like he does. It is their shared love that makes them last. If he loved her more than she loved him, or if she loved him more than he loves her, I just don't think the relationship would have survived like it did - in real life.

As I write more about these two and put history in its place, I realize what they endured to be together and it makes me understand better the meaning of promising yourself to someone. When you make that promise, you are saying that no matter what, you will love and care for that person; but it is a two-way street. No one likes to be the only one that cares. Temujin cares about and loves Borte no matter what. If you want to learn about everything they have endured and survived thus far, you will have to read the book! Ha!

Off to put the finishing touches on some chapters!!

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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