Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Character Interview - Trixie Collins from I, Zombie

Happy Wednesday, my wonderful peeps! Today I have a fantastic surprise for you all. I'm giving you my dream cast for I, Zombie, the movie, and a short interview with our leading lady, Trixie Collins. Grab your coffee, get situated, and let's get to it! I hope you get a kick out of today's post.

For our leading lady, Trixie, I'd like to see her played by Amber Tamblyn.

Angela Thibodeaux could be Amanda Seyfried.

Tammy Thibodeaux I'd like to see as Rachel McAdams.

Jack would be played by Chord Overstreet!

Lucy Fry would be honored with the part of Samantha.

And Henry would be Taye Diggs.

Now, on to the interview with our leading lady, Trixie!

Jo: Hello, Trixie! Thanks for joining us for an interview today.
Trixie: It's nice to be here, Jo.

Jo: I'm not sure everyone here is familiar with I, Zombie, so we're gonna start with a couple of questions about your infection. How did it happen?
Trixie: I was at this party and decided to dance with a boy named Matt. He got a little too frisky and when I pulled away, his fingernails cut me. *shakes head* Jack was so mad. When it was obvious I wasn't going to get away easily, he jumped in and punched Matt. Luckily, I was spared, but it caused Jack to get infected. It's all my fault.

Trixie Collins

Jo: You can't think like that. Jack did what he felt he had to. *puts hand on Trixie's arm* Where did your telepathic gift come from?
Trixie: *sniffles* My mom says it came from her mother, my grandmother. She was a Cherokee Indian and had some rather odd powers. I said it was a bunch of malarky one time and my mom told me about a man who cheated my grandmother in a business deal where they traded a bunch of chickens for a mule. The mule keeled over shortly after the deal was done. Two days later, the chickens were sick. He brought them back, accusin' my grandmother of poisoning them. She talked him into leavin' them (because they'd be dead soon anyway). They all survived. Healthy as they could be the next day. I don't question any of it anymore.

Jo: Wow. That's some seriously crazy stuff! So, can you hear what I'm thinking right now?
Trixie: *laughs* No. It doesn't work that way. Since the outbreak, the only one I can hear is Jack.

Jo: And is he with you all the time?
Trixie: Yeah. Sometimes, it drives me a little crazy because I can't get a moment to myself. But I never had any secrets from him so it's okay. Bathroom business is a little strange. I always wonder if he's watchin' and snickerin' at me.

Jo: I can't imagine. So what are you doing now that you've graduated and are a hero to the world?
Trixie: Easy on the hero stuff, okay? All I did was bring attention to somethin' someone else already figured out. If you recall, I found an article on the web that talked about where the disease originated from. All I did was print it out and get it to the right people. There was no guarantee we were right. But, man, I sure was relieved when we were. Back to your question, though, I'm gettin' ready to head off to college. I was accepted at LSU on a full scholarship.

Jo: Congratulations! I imagine, with your status, you could've gotten in anywhere.
Trixie: Yeah, but I wanted to stay close to home. I really love Louisiana.

Jo: Speaking of Louisiana, would you mind telling us all how to pronounce that city you guys hid in?
Trixie: I O W A?
Jo: *nods*
Trixie: Sure. It's easy! Say it like: eye oh way.

Jo: Ahhhh! Got it! Thanks for clearing that up.
Trixie: *grins* No problem. It's a common question. For anyone that's interested, I recently wrote to an advice columnist about having Jack in my head. You can see what she said if you visit her blog. If you're a fictional character, too, she may be able to give you some sage advice.

Jo: That's awesome! I appreciate you sharing that. Thanks for hanging out with us today and good luck in college!
Trixie: *bows and waves* Bye y'all!

If you want to read Trixie and Jack's story, you can pick it up on Amazon for just $3.99 here. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had fun!

Questions for Trixie? Post them in the comments below. She'll be happy to answer.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Wonderful interview and great way to share some lingering questions from the book =) And love the Dear Aggie blog! Very cool idea

    1. Thanks, Heather! I sure had fun with it. :) I thought her idea was pretty cool, too. You should give it a try for one of your characters LOL! I loved her answer. :)

  2. I also enjoy following Trixie on Twitter. It was so cool when she did a retweet of one of my tweets. Wish she tweeted more!


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