Thursday, January 9, 2014

I, Zombie Release Day Fun

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today's the big day! I've sent I, Zombie out into the world for you all to consume and enjoy. Let's get this party started right. Get your clicking finger ready!

First, be sure you've entered the Goodreads giveaway for your chance to win one of four signed, printed copies of the book.

Enter here:

Second, read a couple of the fabulous reviews from my ARC reviewers! Just click the links to get to the whole review. And please leave these wonderful folks some love while you're there.

"It is a fun and beautiful story. An emotional read, with words painted to beautiful perfection. Unique and Intriguing. I loved every minute of it."
Casey L. Bond 5/5 stars!  ~

"This book rocks! You will fall in love with Trixie and several other characters. From page one, it's a constant thrill ride. But, more importantly, it's a story with heart and soul--a great read for action-seekers as well as those who want to connect with characters."
Mom in Love with Fiction 5/5 stars!  ~

"Seeing things from the infected's point of view? Different. This one pulls at the heartstrings, too - needed some tissues. I appreciate the author keeping the book fairly clean - although there were a few gory details, nothing was revolting or overdone."
Pauline Creeden The Book Ninja 5/5 stars!  ~

"Two-parts horror, one-part romance, this book is a great addition to any persons electronic book shelf."
Regan Claire 4/5 stars!  ~

"This novel was a quick and easy read that kept me turning pages –  With quirky banter between best friends, classmates hunting each other down, zombie themed chapter names, and of course a little bit of love."
Elyse Schramm Contagious Reads 4.5/5 stars!  ~

"Within the first few pages I found myself anticipating what was going to happen and anxious to get to the end so I could know the whole story."
Nichole Greene 5/5 stars!  ~ 

Last, we move on to informational type stuff; like where you can get a copy!

Title: I, Zombie
Author: Jo Michaels
Genre: YA Horror
Length (print): 262 pages
Purchase Links: Createspace $14.99 Amazon Kindle $3.99 FREE!

It's the end of the world as we know it.

Trixie Collins is a normal teen making her way through high school. One night at a party, a boy comes on to her and won't take no for an answer. As she jerks her arm away, his fingernails cut into her skin.

When she finds her dog's mutilated body and realizes she's to blame, she starts to think maybe the zombie apocalypse they've been screaming about on the news isn't a hoax after all. Worse, she begins to think maybe she's one of the infected.

Now it's a fight for life as she joins together with her brethren to stop the humans intent on destroying them. Are zombies all bad, or is it just a huge misunderstanding?

What's a release day without something special to go along with it? For the next five days, you can pick up a copy of this book absolutely FREE. That's right, I said free. What are you waiting for?

My humble request is that you please leave a review after you finish the book. Easy peasy.

Thanks for popping by! And, if you'd like to share the zombie goodness with your friends, here are a few premade posts for you:

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Thanks for joining me today for my release! If you've read it already, tell me your favorite part!

Don't forget to follow Trixie on Twitter while you're here. Some fun stuff coming from that account soon!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Sharing and will have my review to share next week =)

    1. You rock, Heather! Thank you so much for all you do!!

  2. Whilst not my usual cup of tea, I've downloaded a copy. It'll probably be a while before I get around to reading it (I've got something daft like 12 books to read...). I won't read this last but it'll still be a little while.

    Nice cover, by the way.

    1. I appreciate the DL, Thaddeus! Thank you. When you get to it, let me know what you thought. 12? Is that all? :) haha My cover was chosen by my readers. I love love love it! Perfection!! :)

  3. So excited for you! I shared about I, Zombie being free on my blog today (and everywhere else I could). Can't wait for others to read it and see how awesome it is!

    1. Thank you, Tia!! You're such a huge slice of awesome pie! :) I can't wait, either. Being compared to Warm Bodies leaves me all tingly :) hehe

  4. I downloaded my copy, Jo. Congratulations!!!

    1. Thank you, Elle!! I hope you love it. It's certainly making waves in the YA Horror world :)


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